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Save My Leg, Doc!

Elderly woman in wheel chair holding hands with young caretaker

The danger of deep damage in diabetics

Here is a little-known fact: a major lower limb amputation due to complications from diabetes occurs once every 30 seconds worldwide. In Singapore, an estimated 700 major lower limb amputations take place every year, or approximately two a day. These[...]

Conceiving Hope


Singapore’s ‘father’ of IVF Professor Ng Soon Chye on birthing new treatments

Professor Ng Soon Chye cuts a fatherly figure. From his distinguished looks to his confident yet affable manner, he puts you at ease immediately. Which is only to be expected, considering his long history in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O &[...]

White is Bright

young woman making facial expressions

Face the year on a lighter note

The obsession with skin whitening is apparently an exclusively Asian thing. In fact, skin whitening has a long history in Asia, dating back to the Tang Dynasty, when yoghurt and wine were used for washing because they contain natural skin-whitening[...]

Equines, Elegance and Eddie

Be prepared for a glamorous and adrenaline pumped evening on 16 November at the Singapore Turf Club as the region’s most skilled jockeys and boldest thoroughbreds contest for S$1.35 million prize money, making Longines Singapore Gold Cup one of the[...]


Neck Itching

The most common chronic skin condition

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin condition characterised by a red rash, dry skin and itching. In certain patients, there are also signs of thickened skin (lichenification), blisters, hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation and skin infections. Eczema is[...]

Eat Asthma Attacks Away


The link between your diet and asthma

From doing the right types of exercises to avoiding extreme weather conditions, asthmatics go to great lengths to manage their disease. However, many do not know that eating the right foods and having a good diet can go some way[...]

The World’s First Large-Scale Dengue Vaccine Efficacy Study Achieved its Primary Clinical Endpoint

Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, recently announced that the first of two pivotal Phase III efficacy studies with its dengue vaccine candidate has achieved its primary clinical endpoint. The efficacy study showed a significant reduction of 56% of[...]

Delivering Hope


Fetal stem cell treatment to help babies with brittle bone disease

When scans of a 26-week fetus revealed multiple bone fractures, the diagnosis was dire. The unborn child had brittle bone disease, also known as osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). Brittle bone disease is triggered by a genetic defect that impedes the body’s[...]

Serious and Dangerous


Effective management of Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is an endemic disease in Asia. It is transmitted either vertically or horizontally. Vertical transmission refers to transmission from mother to newborn during childbirth. Horizontal transmission is the transmission via blood transfusion with contaminated blood or sexual intercourse[...]



Showing a relentless growth in medical tourism

To say that the Medical tourism in Thailand is booming is an understatement. In 2012, roughly 2.5 million medical tourists came to Thailand from around the world for medical treatment, bringing in some 121.6 billion Thai baht. This accounts for[...]

In Her Shoes

EDITED Sofie_2

Sofie Roberg skates her way to success (and right smack into our children’s hearts!)

Have you ever been asked the question ‘What are you passionate about?’ and suddenly found yourself groping for words? Well, you are not alone. Most of us spend a lifetime trying to figure out our true calling. Sadly, with our[...]

Mundipharma Announces Expansion of Regional Office in Singapore

Raman Singh, MD, Mundipharma and Kevin Lai, Director, Biomedical Sciences, EDB

Mundipharma recently announced the significant expansion of its regional office in Singapore and the opening of Mundipharma’s new cutting-edge offices at Asia Square, which will house the company’s 70 employees and growing. The establishment of the regional office in Singapore[...]

For the Love of Kids

NUH_Daniel Goh_NUHI2

Get to know paediatrician and sleep specialist A/Prof Daniel Goh

As someone whose everyday work involves dealing with cranky, sleep-deprived children, it’s no wonder A/Prof Daniel Goh is every bit a patient man. As Head of the Department of Paediatrics and a Senior Consultant at the Division of Paediatric Pulmonary[...]

Hale and Hearty

edited 1

The many easy ways to live healthier – according to model-host Stephanie Carrington

For most of us living in Singapore, trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be a huge challenge. What with the crazy, busy schedule we all keep and the fast-paced life we all lead, exercising at least three times a[...]

Get Vaccinated


Don’t risk ruining your well-earned break this year

Year-end is a time when many Singaporeans head out of town for a holiday. If you are one of those heading abroad on a well-earned break this year, you are likely to have already booked your air tickets, arranged accommodation[...]

A Guy’s Guy

Fig. 2

Dr Gerald Tan got your man’s health covered

Doctors always know how to make light of circumstances. It is part and parcel of their profession to help them deal with intense situations. However, interviewing Dr Gerald Tan, Consultant Urologist at Gerald Tan Urology + Robotics in Mount Elizabeth[...]

Milk for Adults

edited Calcisure_high res_tin_pack shot_FINAL

CalciSureTM has been specially researched and formulated to provide adults in Asia benefits beyond strong bones. Besides containing nutrients to help maintain bone strength, it also delivers antioxidants and prebiotics for a healthy digestive system – all these are vital[...]

Carbo Loading

Much to gain with grains!

In recent years, carbohydrates seem to have gotten quite a bad rep. Do the low-carb or carb-free diets really have significant health benefits that merit the rage they have now? Or are people merely jumping on the bandwagon? Although some[...]

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