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New Book Aims to Inspire Singaporeans to become Fit and Healthy


Transform, Empower Yourself to Fitness and Health, is a powerful new book by fitness enthusiast Matthew Lou and physician Dr Frederick Ee, who have come together to share simple steps that readers can take to attain weight-related goals, improve fitness[...]

Vibration Training

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An easy and effective rehabilitation and fitness therapy for the injured and the elderly

Singapore’s population is ageing fast. We’ve heard this over and over again, and it’s true. In fact, it has been reported that by 2030, approximately one in every five Singaporean will be aged 65 and above. Aside from a healthy[...]

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR

For Fitness Junkies! Love your jogs but always felt you could perform better if you understood your training data? Look no further than Wahoo Fitness Blue HR. This unique device is the world’s first Bluetooth Smart heart-rate strap made for[...]

6 Workouts at Work


Easy exercises you can do in the office

Many of us who are comfortably settled in office jobs also run the risk of becoming “desk jocks” – whose only form of daily exercise is getting to the pantry for another dose of caffeine. Health experts suggest that prolonged[...]

Workout for the Homebody

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Exercise routines you can do at the comfort of your house

Now that the Christmas and New Year’s festivities are over, getting some post-holiday body workout is important. However, not everyone can afford the time or money to hit the gym or purchase state-of-the-art equipment in order to achieve an effective[...]

Get Off the Road!

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Trail Running Takes Running to New Heights

Why do some people love to run? Let us count the ways. Running makes us happy. It is good for the heart, lungs, bones, muscles. In short, it’s good for our health. Running is an instant pick-me-upper and can take[...]

Stronger Back Muscles for Better Quality of Life


Today, neck, back and pelvic pain are among the top health issues in many countries and neuro-musculoskeletal disorders

In 2001, 41.8% of the Belgium population experienced one or more days of low back pain (LBP) in six months. In the Netherlands, LBP is the most  common complaint among other musculoskeletal disorders and the top reason for professional disability[...]

Exercise Prescription


If you’ve been overweight, this advice is your best New Year’s gift to yourself

Many countries in Asia have reported a rise in the numbers of obese and overweight adults and children during the last decade. Traditionally, lowering caloric intake was the solution for reducing obesity. However, in recent years, growing evidence suggests that[...]

Tang Wei – Mesmerising Allure


Gaining prominence in the film industry, Chinese actress Tang Wei, wins admiration both for her work and her beauty

Rising prominence through her acting in Ang Lee’s acclaimed movie, ‘Lust, Caution’, Tang Wei is a well-recognised actress not just because of her stellar performances, but also of her flawless beauty. Recognition pours Beyond the mesmerising allure is a truly[...]

Abs-solutely perfect


Ways to improve abs fitness

What should we do to improve our abs fitness? Do more of it eight hours a day? Probably NOT! Working on those abs Do the basic crunches, leg raises, reverse crunches and other abdominal exercises. Doing these exercises have benefits,[...]

150 Minutes to Health


Holistic and achievable fitness for busy Singaporeans

I’m busy.” We’re all guilty of abusing this phrase so much so that it almost feels like we have unknowingly yet unanimously agreed it’s the most reasonable of all excuses. Somehow, it appeases our guilt for not exercising regularly because,[...]

Slim Down, Beef Up!


Just for the men, here’s a little motivation and insight on how Hercules got that bod.

Lugging vehicles and man-sized tires along dusty gravel-paved roads are few of the many near-impossible feats Shaun does on a regular basis to train for strength. Tall, dark and good-looking, we’re pretty sure Shaun has no problems catching the eye[...]

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