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Toilet Trouble

Female seated at a toilet with her pants down

Flushing out irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional gastrointestinal disorder that mainly exhibits itself as intestinal dysfunction and hypersensitivity. Its main symptom is a change in bowel habits. It may be predominantly diarrhoea or constipation, or may alternate between both. Mucus[...]

Don’t Panic!


There is help for panic and anxiety disorders

“Like a Sledgehammer” Bank manager Mark, 42, felt like he’d been hit by a sledgehammer when he was struck by a panic attack without warning. He was in his office preparing for an important management meeting when suddenly, his whole[...]

That’s Just Swell

3d rendered illustration - painful shoulder

Spondyloarthritis and your joints

Spondyloarthritis refers to a group of disorders where the joints of the spine and pelvis can become painful and swollen, also known as inflammation. Inflammation can also affect other joints, such as the hands and feet, and occasionally other organs,[...]

Doubling Down on Diabetes

Glucose level blood test

A novel combination therapy to manage the condition

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is increasing in epidemic proportions all across the world. The health risks are well known. DM significantly increases the risk of coronary heart disease, kidney disease, amputation and eye disease in affected people. Fortunately, if the condition is[...]

Stress and High Blood Pressure

Exhausted young businessman

What’s the link?

In today’s fast-paced world filled with expectations in the workplace and even from raising a family, it is common to hear people admitting they feel stress. Some may even claim that stress has cost them their health by increasing their[...]

Too Stressed to Sleep

woman in bed with insomnia that can't sleep white background

When worry is bad news for bedtime

Stress is common in our fast-paced, highly connected world. Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope. Many of life’s demands can cause stress, particularly[...]

Is your job bad for your heart?

Stressful businessman

Work stress can do a real job on your ticker

It is commonly accepted that work stress can affect our cardiovascular health. You’re probably familiar with the phrase “worked to death”! Various kinds of jobs create different types of stress, and whether the stress becomes harmful depends on the individual[...]

Aortic Aneurysms


The silent killer within

Aortic aneurysms affect 3 – 4% of adults aged 60 and above, and are more common in men. They are characterised by an abnormal enlargement and ballooning of the aorta, the main artery that carries blood from the heart to[...]

For your Benefit

Family life insurance and policy

Do you know what your company insurance covers?

How many paid vacation days do you get in a year? Do you have an entertainment budget? What are your travel and phone allowances? Can you share some of your company’s staff welfare and benefits? Do you know the insurance[...]

Cuisine Queen

Angela May_cookie

Angela May spills the beans… on her love affair with food

When you love your work, it’s as easy as pie. In Angela May’s case, it’s as delicious too – so good you just want to stuff your face all day long! It must be a slice of heaven on earth[...]

The Skinny on Weight Loss Products

Woman measuring shape of beautiful waist with smile

Big boon or fat hope?

Does the answer to losing weight really lie in popping a pill or two? Will those unwanted inches melt off our waistlines instantly without dieting and exercise? Here are some facts you need to know about weight loss medicine and[...]

Food for Thought


Dietitian Dr Lim Yen Peng dishes on nutrition and the ageing population

You are what you eat. And what you eat becomes even more important when you have a medical condition – apart from dietary restrictions you have to adhere to, getting the right nutrition can help manage your condition and even[...]

Diabetes and your Eyes


When darkness descends

The Tale of Mr T Mr T walked into my office late one Friday afternoon. He had suddenly lost his vision during lunch that day. This distressed 30-year-old man explained that he was living alone in Singapore. He had arrived[...]

Cholesterol Control

Doctor with heart

How can you keep cholesterol in check?

Cholesterol is important for our body functions but could also cause problems if there are high levels in our blood. The fat that we eat gets changed by the liver into cholesterol and triglycerides. Since cholesterol is made in the[...]

Take Control. Get Screened.


Don’t give diseases a chance to develop

One of the best ways to improve your long-term health is to nip developing health problems in the bud – and that’s where health screening comes in. Health Screening Physician Dr Ang Geok Lian tells us more about health screening.[...]

Save My Leg, Doc!

Elderly woman in wheel chair holding hands with young caretaker

The danger of deep damage in diabetics

Here is a little-known fact: a major lower limb amputation due to complications from diabetes occurs once every 30 seconds worldwide. In Singapore, an estimated 700 major lower limb amputations take place every year, or approximately two a day. These[...]

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Image converted using ifftoany

Clots you can live without

Being a vascular surgeon, I am often called upon to evaluate patients who present with seemingly innocuous symptoms, such as calf swelling and pain, to exclude deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Most of them are usually caught by surprise as they[...]

There’s Nothing Like a Nurturing Touch

Photo 1

Local baby spa Little Pods held a birthday party to celebrate turning one. The media was invited to this first anniversary celebration on 29 January to watch a swim-and-massage session for a pair of babies aged five months. Guests observed[...]

Monitor your Heart on the Go


The National University Heart Centre Singapore (NUHCS) now offers a new ambulatory ECG event monitoring service that ensures healthcare professionals receive accurate data. This is available across the National University Hospital (NUH). Patients take the device home with them typically[...]

Prenatal Supplements


Bump up your health – and your baby’s – during pregnancy

“Eating for two” doesn’t mean drastically increasing your calorie intake, but you do need to start paying a whole lot more attention to what you eat. Your nutritional needs change when you start growing a new life in your body.[...]

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