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Cigarettes and Lung Cancer


Your health could go up in smoke

A LOOK AT THE NUMBERS Smoking and Lung Cancer Lung cancer ranks as the #2 cancer in males, and #3 in females Smoking causes 85% – 90% of lung cancers Only 16.6% of lung cancer patients live > 5 years[...]

Challenging COPD


How can we manage this?

COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a condition that affects the lungs and causes difficulty in breathing. The disease is progressive, that is, it gets worse over time. It affects millions of people world-wide, which is why you should[...]

Immunisations for the Elderly


One simple shot could save your life

Take your shot! Get vaccinated against Influenza: Viral illness of the respiratory system; can lead to pneumonia Pneumococcal disease: Bacterial infection affecting various parts of the body, including central nervous system, middle ear and lungs Herpes zoster (shingles): Caused by[...]

Eat Asthma Attacks Away


The link between your diet and asthma

From doing the right types of exercises to avoiding extreme weather conditions, asthmatics go to great lengths to manage their disease. However, many do not know that eating the right foods and having a good diet can go some way[...]

Keeping Fit in the Golden Years


Exercises and nutrition for the elderly

Doctors often meet patients who feel that their daily physical activity level suffices. “The housework… walking to workplace… these are enough to tire me out.” Self -admissions as such often reflect the poor state of underlying physical health and reserve[...]

Dealing with Pneumonia


This lung condition can be fatal even in otherwise healthy people

Pneumonia is an infection of one or both the lungs. It is the second most common cause of death and the fifth most common cause of hospital admissions in Singapore.* Germs such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi can cause pneumonia.[...]

Ovarian Cancer


Hope after diagnosis

The Story of Amanda Living well with late stage ovarian cancer Amanda, the 50-year-old lady whose story started this article, is an otherwise healthy and cheerful lady who is full of energy. Because she was usually healthy and does not[...]

A Weak Heart


Alternative treatment for advanced heart failure

Mr M was 60 years old and looking forward to retirement. He had worked hard all his life and raised his family well. A slim, fit, and healthy man, he never needed to see a doctor, did not smoke or[...]

Fetal Problems


Congenital abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract

“Doctor, will she have a normal life?” the heavily pregnant lady looked at me with a little frown on her forehead, while her husband waited intensely for my reply. Obviously, this is a question that has been in their minds[...]

Not Dazed about the Haze

woman with mask

As hazy conditions return to Singapore, we answer your burning questions about this phenomenon

Haze results from the accumulation of dust and smoke particles in relatively dry air. The haze in Singapore is often due to northeasterly winds bringing in smoke from the forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia. Haze particles carry air pollutants such[...]

Newborn Screening


Screening tests your baby will have shortly after birth

Newborn screening was launched in 1963 in the United States, and 2013 marked the 50th year anniversary since the inception of the programme. The newborn screening programme has expanded to countries around the world, with different panels of disorders screened[...]

Less Is More


Surgical advances in breast cancer treatment

Advances in the surgical treatment of breast cancer over the past two decades have been influenced by two factors – the impact of breast cancer screening and greater emphasis on the quality of survivorship as a result of improved survival.[...]

Beating the Flu


Understanding influenza and available vaccines

Commonly referred to as the flu, influenza is a viral infection that attacks the body’s respiratory system – the nose, throat and lungs. If not managed well, influenza and its complications can be deadly. Young children, the elderly, pregnant women,[...]

Alcohol and Cigarettes


The dangers of heavy smoking and drinking

Growing up, many children may consider drinking and smoking – some of the privileges of adulthood – as something really “cool” to do. Media portrayal of smoking and alcohol use has certainly helped to perpetuate the appeal of these social[...]

Whooping Cough in Babies


Respiratory Physician Dr Lee Yeow Hian gives us the lowdown on pertussis

It’s bad enough when kids have simple coughs and colds – imagine when they start whooping and have alarming pauses in breathing. Parents have a reason to worry when their kids have pertussis or whooping cough. Not only is it[...]

Jabs for Grannies


Two recommended vaccinations for the elderly

Vaccinations and immunisations are crucial for babies’ health. Everybody knows that. However, as we grow old, we also become more at risk of certain diseases. Hence, vaccinations are necessary for the elderly as well. There are two vaccinations recommended for[...]

All About Gastric Cancer


The lowdown on stomach cancer

Gastric cancer remains a relatively common cancer in Singapore. Though the rate of gastric cancer is declining, it is prevalent amongst Asians. It is common in patients above 50 years of age and is more common amongst men. What is[...]

Throat Tickle


Managing dry vs wet cough

It can be annoying and embarrassing sometimes, but coughing is our body’s natural way to keep our airways clear. If we have chest congestion, be it mucous, dust or other irritants, coughing helps to get our lungs clear. A cough[...]

Help! My Baby Needs CPR!

A guide to performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on infants and babies

Every year about 1,500 people in Singapore suffer from out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest. Although this figure mostly applies to adults, infants do make up a small percentage too. Many parents or adults think that infants are not susceptible to cardiac[...]

Tussidex Forte Cough Remedy

edited Cough Remedy

Cough Remedy Tussidex Forte suppresses resistant, dry and unproductive cough. It is non-drowsy, sugar-free and alcohol-free. As haze continues to cause health problems related to lungs, nose and throat, it pays to have cough suppressant ready at home. It is suitable[...]

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