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The Many Hats She Wears

International actress Lee Sinje talks inner health, terrifying stunts, beauty routines and the 21 children she sends to school

Sinje_3073She may have starred in some of Asia’s hit thrillers, including The Eye, Koma and Re-cycle, but Lee Sinje is anything but dark. She is a picture of contentment and serenity these days. Lauded for her understated elegance and enviable radiant skin on and off the red carpet, it was only a matter of time before Lee Sinje became one of SK-II’s global ambassadors, joining the likes of Cate Blanchett, Qi Qi and Tang Wei. “I have always felt very honoured to be an SK-II ambassador,” enthused the pixie-haired actress.

Lee Sinje has gone a long way from her role as the blind girl in the hit movie The Eye by the Pang brothers, but her mesmerising eyes continue to delight her fans both on and off screen. With a new action film, Inferno, set for release next month, she is definitely on a roll.

Besides being an actress, singer, wife, model, children’s book writer, entrepreneur and yoga practitioner, Lee Sinje wears one more hat which most people know very little about – humanitarian. She is a huge supporter of World Vision, and in 2007, she set up a non-profit organisation together with her friends to provide better education to less fortunate children.

With her vivacious personality and infectious optimism, you can’t help but be inspired by Lee Sinje.

Ezyhealth: Your new film Inferno is set for release this Christmas. What do you like most about doing this film?

Lee Sinje: I would have to say being able to conquer my fear of fire. Inferno 3D had a lot of dangerous and terrifying stunts, most of which involved fire accidents. I was really nervous at first but I’m glad that I managed to pull it off – it gave me a great feeling of satisfaction and empowerment.

Ezyhealth: You’ve been in the entertainment industry since you were a teenager. Are there aspects of it you would do differently if you could do your career over?

Lee Sinje: When I look back, I can really see how each of my experiences – be it acting or singing – has taught me, shaped my career and helped me grow. So I don’t think I would choose to do anything over. But if I did have a chance to go back in time, I would probably look more actively for roles where I can play a historical figure. I have always loved watching documentaries of people that have had a huge impact on generations of people after them. One such example would be Mother Teresa. Although this might be difficult because I am Chinese, I would love to be a part of re-telling the story of one of the greatest women in history.

Ezyhealth: What makes you feel healthy these days?

Lee Sinje: I feel healthy when I eat well and exercise before I start my day. I usually do some exercises in the morning, like yoga. In fact, when I have a shoot or an event in the afternoon, I will make sure I do a full workout regimen in the morning and end it off with a steam bath. That way, I feel a lot more energised and ready to face the day. I also like starting the day with a healthy vegetarian breakfast because it really helps kick-start my body for the day.

Ezyhealth: Do you have a favourite or least favourite workout routine?

Lee Sinje: My favourite workout routine would involve anything outdoors or something that requires more energy, such as swimming or kick boxing classes. I do, however, also enjoy more quiet indoor activities such as yoga. I don’t really have a least favourite workout routine. I guess what I do really just depends on my mood.

Ezyhealth: Looking back, do you have any health or wellness regrets, things you wish you knew and would’ve done differently?

Lee Sinje: I used to spend a lot of time under the sun because I love the outdoors. Looking back, I would have definitely been a lot more disciplined in caring for my skin by ensuring I have sunblock on before engaging in outdoor activities.

Ezyhealth: Aside from your career, you’re also passionate about your charity works. Please tell us about your work Sinje_3010at World Vision and Hope Education Foundation.

Lee Sinje: In 2007, my celebrity friends Gigi Leung, Valen Hsu, Charlie Yeung and I formed the Little Flower Education Foundation (previously known as the Hope Education Foundation). The goals of our non-profit charity organisation are to offer love, happiness and help to the underprivileged children, to help them have better education and create a better future regardless of their social status. Recently I hosted the 9th Annual ROASTERS Chicken Run where Kenny Rogers ROASTERS managed to raise RM 65,000 for our foundation and a pledge to provide two wholesome meals once every two months to the children we aim to help. The run took off with almost 4,000 people taking part even though it was a little hazy; some runners were even seen wearing masks! I really appreciated the effort everyone took.

My manager was the one who first told me about World Vision and was the person who inspired me to actively participate more in the organisation. I go to countries like Taiwan, Kenya, Mongolia and the Philippines where I spend time to understand the poverty situation and see what I can do to help. I am currently sponsoring 21 children. I feel so happy every time I receive school reports or updates from any of my sponsored children. It’s truly amazing knowing these children and their family’s lives are being transformed.

Ezyhealth: You’ve been a loyal user of SK-II products, and now you’re the face of its new product, the Cellumination Day Surge UV Lotion. How does that make you feel?

Lee Sinje: I have always felt very honoured to be an SK-II ambassador. I feel even more delighted to be the face of Cellumination Day Surge UV Lotion because it is a product that I use all the time and really believe in. I have mentioned before that I really love the outdoors so this UV lotion is a perfect product for women who love the outdoors like me. The new product is also part of SK-II Cellumination series which people – including myself – used to believe only makes your skin whiter and fairer. But after much use, I realised that SK-II Cellumination is different in several ways. All the whitening products I’ve used in the past tend to leave my skin feeling very dry, but SK-II Cellumination doesn’t. Even with daily use, my skin still remained moisturised and supple. In addition, I found my skin becoming more even-toned and also more radiant.

I’ve actually just started using one of SK-II’s festive sets, the Festive Aura Set, to prep my skin for the upcoming holidays. It contains Cellumination essentials to ensure I have everything I need for that ideal holiday translucent skin. Based on experience, your face will not only become fairer, but also give off an aura, which a lot of people tend to notice – even without makeup!

Ezyhealth: I’m sure your fans are interested to know your skin care routine. Would you mind sharing it with us?

Lee Sinje: My skin care routine has two parts to it: topical applications and lifestyle habits. I am a firm advocate of cleansing, using sunscreen and mask treatments. I think cleansing is very important because of the high level of pollution these days, especially in Hong Kong where I’m based. I try to put on an SK-II sheet mask twice a week. I love using the whitening facial mask so much that I brought 20 of them with me on my 30-day trip to India. India is very hot and the air so polluted that my face was blackened by the end of each day, so I’d use the facial masks every other day. Even though I wasn’t wearing any makeup in India, my skin still looked great in all the photographs. I also wear a sunscreen daily. I have always believed in SK-II products because they work for my skin regardless of which weather or climate I am in.

I also believe in keeping good natural anti-ageing habits like keeping a healthy lifestyle, going to bed early, avoiding caffeine and sugary drinks. I’ve also started practicing meditation and Qigong as I think that inner health and well-being shows on the outside. To look good, you need to balance what’s inside with what’s outside. Apart from choosing good products for your skin, you need a good spiritual well-being as well.

by Maripet L. Poso
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