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The Pow-er of Natural Therapies

Shane Pow shares his slimming secrets

2Q9A7748For a self-professed foodie, Shane Pow is in darn good shape. From his chiselled cheekbones to his sculpted silhouette, this hunky actor (who participated in Manhunt Singapore 2011!) exudes health and vigour. So what’s his secret?

Shane has the NatroSlim™ 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse to thank. Chosen as the brand’s first ambassador for his sporty and active persona, as well as his strong beliefs in the importance of eating well, feeling good and exercising whenever possible – which mirrors NatroSlim™’s core principles – Shane credits the programme with helping him get in shape, in a natural and healthy way.

It looks like Shane has found the best balance: managing to keep his weight down but his energy level up. And he certainly needs the energy – the busy Mediacorp artiste, who was nominated as the Best Newcomer at Star Awards 2013, has plenty of plans for the coming year.

We had a little powwow with Shane, and here’s what we learned.

Ezyhealth: You’re very sporty and adventurous. What’s the coolest sport you’ve ever tried and what’s awesome about it?

Shane: The coolest sport I’ve done is wakeboarding! The first time I tried it I had difficulties standing up and balancing but after I got the hang of it, I found it’s super fun! The sudden adrenaline rush you get when you are pulled along by the speedboat is something that you don’t get to experience every day.

Ezyhealth: What do you do to keep fit these days?

Shane: I jog and do more body weight exercises such as chin-ups and push-ups rather than lifting heavy weights, as I don’t want to become too bulky or massive. As an actor, it’s important that I maintain a lean figure as compared to a more muscular ‘bodybuilder’ look as I don’t want to restrict the roles that I can do.

Ezyhealth: We hear that you’re a real foodie! What is the best meal you’ve ever had in Singapore?

Shane: I’m a very local boy when it comes to food. I think the best meal that I have had or enjoyed the most in Singapore is at the “tze char” stall near my place. Sambal kang kong, hotplate tofu, kongpao chicken and fried ngoh hiang equals the BEST MEAL EVER!

Ezyhealth: Do you have any quirks when it comes to food?

Shane: Not really. I’m not a fussy eater and I love all kind of cuisine. The only thing that I will never try is durian. I can’t take the smell!

Ezyhealth: Have you ever had a weight issue? Tell us about it.

Shane: I was an overweight kid growing up and I have always had weight issues since young. I put on weight very easily and need to constantly watch my diet. With my hectic schedule now, I need to constantly keep track of what I eat as I don’t have much time to exercise and burn off the excess calories that I consume.

Ezyhealth: What is the NatroSlim programme? What changes in your body have you noticed since you started the programme?

Shane: The NatroSlim programme is a weight management and health improvement system based on naturopathic principals and is designed to be holistic, educational and empowering. The key product is their 21 Day Ultimate Cleanse, which I have just completed. After completing the programme, I felt that my energy level is higher as I could sleep better at night. My digestion also improved a lot as I used to have indigestion issues. I have also learnt a lot from the guidebook included in the programme, which helped me achieve my ideal weight, but more importantly, I’ve become more informed and responsible about my health.

Ezyhealth: What are your health and fitness goals now?

Shane: I think the most important thing anyone can wish for is to have good health and to stay healthy. I guess my main priority and my ultimate health and fitness goal is to eat right, sleep well, exercise regularly and avoid stuff that is bad for my body.

Ezyhealth: ‘Tis the season of Christmas goodies – not so good for the waistline though! Any tips for surviving the festive season unscathed?

Shane: It’s essential to have the discipline to tell yourself to eat in moderation. If you’re attending a Christmas dinner with lots of goodies, make sure before you go that you are having regular meals instead of starving yourself before dinner, because you will have the tendency to binge. Not only is it bad for your waistline, it’s bad for your digestion too!

Ezyhealth: Looking back on 2014, do you think you’ve been good to your body? How do you think you can treat your body better?

Shane: I think I could have been better to my body. Other than diet and exercising, I guess the most important thing my body needs is sleep. This whole year I’ve been quite busy and I have sacrificed a lot of sleep because of work. Hopefully I will have more time to ‘repay’ my ‘sleep debt’!

Ezyhealth: What are your plans for the coming year? Any new projects in the works?

Shane: I am currently filming a variety show called “Hey Chef” and it is going to debut on Christmas Day on Channel 8. It’s a cooking show where we surprise celebrity chefs at their homes and request that they cook for us. I will also be involved in a new drama called “Our Homeland”, which is the third instalment of the Channel 8 series “Our Journey, the Voyage”, which is about the history of Singapore and building our nation.

The Real Slim Shane

a. Which part of your body are you most proud of?

My legs. People say they are very skinny but I like them – they look good in slim fit pants!

b. Name one bad habit you want to kick.

I’ve been sleeping late almost every day! I’m trying to break this bad habit.

c. What is your idea of the perfect romantic date?

A quiet dinner by the beach with good food and good ambiance… but it’s who I’m with that makes the date perfect!

Melanie Sim
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