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The Reluctant Celebrity – Holly Grabarek

MTV VJ Holly Grabarek: No Airs About Her

Meeting us for a photo shoot on a rather damp and gloomy afternoon, MTV VJ Holly Grabarek was all smiles and cheerful in her dainty blue dress and sunny disposition. She had no qualms about having her make-up done under a shelter of a taxi stand, and straight away she started chatting about her day. For somebody who’s been considered the “It” girl of MTV after beating 20 other wannabes in the 2010 MTV VJ Hunt, Holly certainly had no airs about her. And later on, I’ve learned that she is in fact one of those reluctant celebrities who love what they do, but do not quite get the hang of enjoying the fame that goes with it.

“I’m still not quite sure where to put my hands during a photo shoot!” she even admitted in one of her previous interviews.

Born to a Polish/Irish/German dad and Chinese mom, Holly’s interracial features stand out. And the fact that she has natural flair for the spoken words and talent for making them sound like they’re the most interesting things you have to hear got her MTV fans hooked!

Beyond her girly outlook and cheerful smiles lies a sensible and sensitive young woman who has overcome an eating disorder, trying to learn the ropes of the entertainment industry while staying true to who she is, and just starting to come to terms with fame and adulthood. Ezyhealth & Beauty has had the pleasure of having a short but sweet tête-à-tête with the reluctant celebrity.

From Barney to MTV

Ezyhealth & Beauty (EHB): You seem to be one of those who have a happy aura that is contagious. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How was your childhood like?

Holly: It was a lot of fun. I have a lot of good memories. I grew up here in Singapore and I did lots of fun kid stuff, like watch Barney, Princess Starla, although I was not allowed to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I was forced to do Ballet and Piano classes which I hated back then but wish I took more seriously. But then again at eight, the only thing you take seriously is an ice cream sundae. School was okay. Like every other kid it felt like the army, but I did okay and I’m still friends with my old school mates now.

EHB: How did you become an MTV VJ, and how was it like winning the MTV VJ hunt back in 2010?

Holly: I joined the MTV VJ Hunt competition online because I just wanted to win at something, for once in my life. It was a great feeling, of course.

EHB: What is the best thing about your job? Do you see yourself doing something else outside the entertainment industry?

Holly: I like the fact that I am doing everything I would not ever do in regular life. By my own free will, I would never be a public speaker! But this job has made me discover things about myself I never knew and never thought I could do. I love writing and would love to explore this.

EHB: What other hobbies and interests do you have?

Holly: Writing, jamming with my band, travelling and eating! I am very good at travelling and eating and/or doing them simultaneously.

Health Bits

EHB: Was there ever any truth to your eating disorder, or was it just plain, baseless rumour?

Holly: True story. It was something that was not triggered by one single reason but rather a combination of many different factors. Being vain, looking at pictures of how models looked and thinking looking that way was good? Wanting to be perfect and not realising I am already an amazing human being for who I am. It took a while because it was an obsession, and like any other obsession I didn’t want to let go of it. But when I finally made a decision with myself that my health was number one, I knew that it was necessary. I also found my self-worth and gained confidence by telling myself that overcoming that problem would be an achievement in itself.

EHB: Share with us your kidney health scare. How did it happen and what have you learned from the experience?

Holly: I had a pain at the left side of my lower back for a few weeks, and I thought it was just a bad cramp or a stitch. One day I was shopping and I could hardly stand properly. I went home and I could barely sleep that night because it hurt so badly. The next few days I fainted a couple times, and finally the following night I went to the hospital and got admitted to the emergency department. Apparently, my right kidney was unwell. It was spreading to the left one and if not treated immediately it would have been life threatening. I guess I learned that when something is unwell, get it checked immediately.

EHB: How do you take care of your health?

Holly: I go for walks a couple times a week and I eat well. I don’t diet just because it’s too stressful, but when I feel like I want to lose some weight I just eat less chocolate.

No Fuss, No Airs

EHB: Do you feel any pressure to be thin or look a certain way because you’re famous?

Holly: No. Zero. In fact I feel like I can look however I want!

EHB: How do you find the time to relax and unwind?

Holly: I hang out with my good friends whenever I can. I go for walks.

EHB: When you’re busy and you have  to rush, what’s your fool proof beauty go-to fix?

Holly: Hmmmm… don’t shower! Saves time! Just kidding. If I had to pick one fix, it would be wet-wipes for my face. Just clean, moisturise, and you feel brand new.

Catch MTV VJ Holly on The MTV Show on MTV SEA (StarHub Ch 533) every Saturday at 1pm with MTV VJ Rich. Follow her at or on Twitter @hollygrabarek

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