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Dr Pong Mei Yee – Advocate for conservative and non-invasive cosmetic dental techniques

IMG_4324AMIDST THE IMPRESSIVE, albeit invasive, new technologies in the dental industry, one dentist still believes in the conservative and non-invasive approach to restoring the teeth and enhancing the smiles of her patients. Dr Pong Mei Yee is an advocate for conserving healthy tooth structures using non-invasive techniques, as they offer less discomfort and trauma to patients.

Dr Pong, who has a keen interest in restorative, cosmetic and preventive dentistry, has been working as a dentist in NTUC Unity Denticare since 1998, after graduating from University of Melbourne, Australia. “I believe in improving patients’ smiles through conservative non-invasive cosmetic dental techniques, while educating them about oral and overall health,” she shared. To keep herself abreast of the latest technique and technology in the dental industry, she regularly attends various specialty training courses here and abroad.

A mother to two adorable sons, Dr Pong was able to set her priorities straight in order to keep a healthy balance between work and family, something that not every working mum like her can achieve successfully.

Ezyhealth: What inspired you to be a dentist? Dr Pong Mei Yee:
I was determined to be part of the healthcare industry since my secondary school days after working in National University Hospital during the school holidays. Clinical work is never boring. Every day I get to meet different people and solve different challenges. The ability to help people to improve and maintain their overall health is a privilege.

Ezyhealth: You’ve been a dentist for almost 17 years now. What has changed as far as the public’s perception about dental health and dentists in general are concerned.
Dr Pong:
The general public is now more aware of the different types of dental treatments available. The increase in awareness has made it easier for us to educate our patients on good dental habits that lead to healthy smiles that last a lifetime. I also hope that with modern dentistry and a friendly approach on my part, I can help to reduce the anxiety that most patients face when they visit a dentist.

Ezyhealth: What are the latest techniques for periodontics and aesthetic dentistry available in Singapore now?
Dr Pong:
Modern dentistry has given us many options for strong, natural-looking restoration. The quest for materials that are durable and natural looking is never ending. We are now in a very exciting era of having reliable CAD CAM technology and Laser therapy for periodontal procedures. The widely available use of digital X-ray technology and the use of CT cone beam help us to make more accurate diagnosis and lower exposure to X-rays.

Ezyhealth: Please share with us the common dental problems you treat at NTUC Unity Denticare.
Dr Pong:
As a dentist, I see patients with all types of acute problems like toothaches, gum infections and broken tooth fillings. I also see regular patients who are here for periodontal therapy, implant restorations, crown and bridge work, as well as patients who come in regularly for routine six-monthly dental examinations, check-ups and cleaning.

Ezyhealth: What do you consider your biggest achievement in your career so far?
Dr Pong:
The ability to communicate with patients from all walks of life and also to have patients regard me as their trusted friend are two of the things I am grateful for about my job. Dentistry as a career has also allowed me to balance work and family life. This brings me a great sense of joy and fulfillment.

Ezyhealth: They say dentists are workaholics. Is there any truth to that? How do you keep your professional and personal life balanced?
Dr Pong:
I think everyone of us in Singapore works very hard, not just dentists. After the birth of my two sons, however, my priority has shifted from just being a dentist, to being a professional as well as a working mother. I had to optimise the number of clinical hours to spend more time with the boys. Weekends and weekday evenings are spent solely with family and close friends.  Outside of dentistry, I enjoy travelling, swimming, yoga and dining out. And every once a month, a good massage helps me to relax and soothe all the tensed muscles.

Ezyhealth: Any foolproof tips you can share with our readers on how to take care of their oral health?
Dr Pong:
Brush your teeth using the correct technique twice a day. Floss daily. Use a fluoride toothpaste. Eat smart. Visit your dentist regularly. Start educating your children about dental health early. These are just some of the things you can do to make sure you keep your teeth and mouth healthy.


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