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Vitamin B3

1Vitamin B3 is a key supporter of bodily circulation. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers “bad” cholesterol. If you want to keep cholesterol levels in check and for better heart health, Vitamin B3 is your good friend!

Vitamin B3 was discovered in the early 1900s when a disease called pellagra – characterised by cracked and discoloured skin, digestion problems and overall weakness – became widespread in southern United States. A few years later, Vitamin B3 was identified as the missing nutrient in sufferers’ diets which are primarily cornmeal-based. While corn as a whole food contains significant amounts of Vitamin B3, the vitamin is not readily absorbed from corn products (e.g. cornmeal) unless properly prepared.

As with the other seven B vitamins, Vitamin B3 is water-soluble – this means we need to consume Vitamin B3 daily as whatever is not required will be excreted in urine. The Health Promotion Board recommends a daily intake of 19.1mg and 14.2mg of Vitamin B3 for average male and female adults aged 30 to 60 years old. The good news is that excellent food sources of Vitamin B3 is readily available, thus it is easy to meet your body’s needs for B3 through diet.

Vitamin B3 functions


food sources of vitamin B3



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