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Vitamin B5

The omnipresent vitamin

Vitamin B5 is also known as pantothenic acid, where the Greek word pantos means “everywhere”. True to its name, Vitamin B5 is virtually present in all types of food. Like the other seven B vitamins, Vitamin B5 dissolves in water – this means we need to consume it daily as whatever is not required will be excreted in urine. To participate in chemical reactions in our body, Vitamin B5 combines with another sulphur-containing molecule to form coenzyme A (or CoA).

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Deficiency Symptoms
Deficiency symptoms include leg cramps, fatigue, depression, irritability and insomnia. Here’s the good news – it is extremely rare for anyone to be deficient because small quantities of Vitamin B5 are present in most foods. To get a bigger bang for your buck, opt for fresh meats and whole grains rather than refined or canned food. In particular, go for the following food sources:

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