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What’s your Body Type?

Training and diet regimes for each form

healthy diet womanWant to get in shape this year? Before you start planning your meals based on the latest fad diet or sign up for that new gym class everyone’s been raving about, you need to know what works best – for you. There are different body types, and what diet and exercise works for your friend might not necessarily be good for you too. Read on to find out more.

  1. My shoulders are…
    • Narrower than my hips
    • The same width as my hips
    • Wider than my hips
  1. My forearms look…
    • Big
    • Average
    • Small
  1. My body tends to…Woman pinches
    • Carry some extra fat
    • Stay lean but muscular
    • Stay skinny
  1. My body looks…
    • Pear-shaped
    • Hourglass-shaped
    • Mostly straight up and down
  1. If I encircle my right wrist with my left hand’s thumb and middle finger…Woman upset with her scale
    • The middle finger and thumb do not touch
    • The middle finger and thumb just touch
    • The middle finger and thumb overlap
  1. As for my weight, I…Gain weight easily and find it hard to lose
    • Gain and lose without much of a struggle
    • Have trouble gaining weight
  1. No matter how much or how little I exercise…
    • I have an insatiable appetite
    • Usually, the more I’ve worked out, the more I’ll feel like eating
    • I feel full very easilyScreen shot 2015-01-05 at AM 10.22.10
Kelly Ng
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