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3D Face Sculpting

Exploring the “basics”

iStock_000004693299_LargeGreat advances in medical science and research have led to the blossoming of non-invasive medical aesthetics. It caters to the innate yearning of most people, to look attractive without undergoing surgery. The idea of walking into a clinic and coming out in less than an hour, looking fresher and more attractive, has certainly become more acceptable and ‘sexy’ now.

A session of facial augmentation with Botox and Fillers takes just 30 minutes. Therefore, Botox and Fillers are now unofficially known as “the basics” in Singapore, much like how nose jobs and double eyelid surgeries are “the basics” in South Korea. Almost every lady on the streets of Orchard Road have either contemplated or done “the basics”.

In the right hands, Botox and Fillers are certainly no basic treatments. They can be used to ‘slim’ one’s face shape, create a more defined jawline, raise the nose bridge, project the nose tip, sharpen the chin and volumise sunken areas. This is what I call “3D Facial Sculpting”, with aesthetic doctors being the modern ‘Picassos’. With a few injections, one’s facial structures can be augmented to give a more three-dimensional, volumised look instantly.

Which areas then, do these needle-wielding Picassos target?

What do we find attractive?

Law Smith found in his study in 2006 that women with greater oestrogen levels are generally considered to be more feminine, attractive, and healthy, possessing fuller lips, ample cheeks and smaller lower jaws.

As high levels of oestrogen correlate to high fertility in women, this might mean that these features are attractive subconsciously, because they are indications of a good mate in biological and evolutionary terms. This is probably why most men are drawn to ladies possessing full round cheeks, voluptuous ‘kissable’ lips and slim, defined jawlines, especially prevalent in the popularity wave of Korean pop in recent years.

Hence, helping patients attain a look consisting of these features is imperative in 3D facial sculpting.


Square jaw reduction with Botox

Square jaw reduction with Botox

Botox, in low doses, relaxes muscles of expression. They are mainly those on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. Relaxing these muscles helps to prevent the formation of unsightly lines at these areas.

Botox can also be used in slightly larger doses for large muscles to reduce their size. A good example is the masseter (chewing muscle). Big masseters make one’s face appear squarish and wide. Injecting Botox into these muscles shrinks them, and a slim and contoured jawline is achieved. This alters one’s face shape from a rectangle/square shape into a heart shape, achieving the V-jaw of attractiveness. Do take note that a wide bony jaw structure would not be ‘slimmed’ by Botox – that requires bone reduction surgery.


Ideal nose shape

Ideal nose shape

As its name implies, Fillers are substances that can be injected to create volume.

Flat nose bridges and downward pointing flat nose tips are common in the local population. Fillers can be introduced into the nose bridge to raise the height of the bridge, and into the tip to project the nose tip upwards and outwards. It would not be wrong to say that a more ‘Caucasian’ nose is the aim of nose filler injections. After this non-surgical nose job, patients never fail to exclaim in joy when they see their attractive ‘new’ nose in the mirror.

edited Photo 3

Slim attractive heart-shaped face with V-shaped jawlin




Flat, receding chins can similarly be filled up to create a sharp, forward pointing chin which completes the V-jaw look of attractiveness, and harmonises the sharp defined nose with the rest of the facial features.






edited Photo 4

Round voluminous cheeks makes a lady attractive and youthful looking





Some local ladies also suffer from flat cheeks lacking in volume, which makes them look five to ten years older, as ageing results in fat and collagen loss from the cheeks. Unlike for the nose and chin, Fillers are injected in a fan-shaped manner in the cheeks to create evenly-spread, full rounded cheeks.





In conclusion, Botox and Fillers are commonplace treatments nowadays, which in the right hands, can augment one’s facial features and structures to achieve a heart-shaped face with voluminous cheeks and a sharp projected nose and chin. This is the era of 3D Facial Sculpting.

Dr Israr Wong is the main aesthetic physician at Vienna Medical Clinic. He was conferred the Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine and the Masters of Hair Transplantation from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), the Certificate of Hair Transplantation from Maxwell Hair Clinic of Gangnam, Seoul, and Certificates of Competence for general aesthetics issued by the Aesthetic Practice Oversight Committee of Singapore. Dr Israr Wong offers all-rounded expertise ranging from injectables, chemical and light rejuvenation of the skin, skin lasers, non-surgical facelift technology, hair removal, localised non-surgical fat reduction and surgical/non-surgical options for hair loss. He also offers dedicated medical solutions to men’s wellness.
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