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4 Fat-Reducing Methods

Fight fats on four fronts

Beautiful woman with petals  on her hipsConsumers are often spoilt for choice when it comes to treatments that guarantee them to lose an inch or two. Treatments can range from using ultrasound, radio frequency or even the latest craze on freezing fats.

Here are four fat-reducing methods to tackle your areas of concern:

  1. Fat Freezing

You have been exercising, but just can’t seem to lose those extra fats. CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ plays Aunt Agony to your woes. The revolutionary fat freezing procedure uses a precise controlled cooling method called Cryolipolysis to target, cool and eliminate fat cells without damaging neighbouring tissue. An extremely safe and non-invasive treatment that sees results of up to 20% fat reduction in the treated area, this is an ideal treatment for those with a moderate amount of fat on the tummy and love handles.

Here’s how it works:

  • Controlled cooling targets and crystallises fat cells.
  • The crystallised fat cells are gradually removed over the next few weeks and months by the immune system.
  • Remaining fat cells condense, reducing the fat layer. This results in an improved appearance in the targeted area.
  1. Fat Melting

Laser Lipo is a safe, revolutionary system that uses infra-red lasers for smoothing cellulite fat reduction and body shaping treatments. It is a comfortable and painless treatment for areas where there are excess fats. The treatment mimics your body’s natural process of releasing stored fats content. The broken-down fats are ‘burned off’ during post-treatment exercise.

Here’s how it works:

  • Low level lasers are emitted into fat cells, triggering a chemical signal.
  • The chemical signal creates pores in cell membranes and converts stored fat into free fatty acids and glycerol.
  • Free fatty acids and glycerol are released through pores and move to other tissues to be used during metabolism. These are ‘burned off’ during exercise.
  1. Fat Blasting

EXILIS Shapeup machine combines the latest in radio frequency (RF) technology, ultrasound and a patented skin monitoring and advanced skin cooling system that allows the heat produced to liquefy fat cells and improve skin’s elasticity, giving you a firmer and more defined look with no downtime. Four treatments spaced one to two weeks apart can achieve up to 25% targeted fat reduction. A 60-minute non-invasive treatment is ideal for those who want to reshape their bodies and improve cellulite-affected areas.

Here’s how it works:

  • EXILIS precisely targets deeper fat layers, while contact cooling of the surface regulates skin temperature and protects fine dermal structures.
  • The fat cells’ content is decomposed into water, glycerol and fatty acids. Water and glycerol are passed out in urine. Fatty acids are converted into energy due to increased metabolism induced by the RF heat.
  • Increased RF heat triggers higher lipolysis (fat breakdown). Ultrasound energy allows fat cell walls to be more permeable, so the liquefied fats can empty into the lymphatic system.
  1. Fat Burning

Prive Foodworks contains specific ingredients that help in weight loss. This convenient one-sachet-a-meal supplement is designed to be a comprehensive and balanced slimming formula that helps you to lose weight safely and effectively.

Prive Foodworks Fat Burner helps to enhance your metabolic rate to efficiently burn calories and provide you with energy, helping you to shed unwanted weight. This formula of natural ingredients contains a concentrated blend of free fatty acids derived from safflower oil, multivitamins and minerals, enabling your body to perform key functions such as growth, repair, detox and removing free radicals.

Prive Foodworks Calorie Blocker inhibits digestion of carbohydrates. It provides a combination of natural compounds shown to combat fat accumulation by regulating the way carbohydrates and fats are absorbed and stored in the body. This formula consists of soluble fibre that attracts water and forms a gel-like substance as it passes through the digestive tract, which aids in curbing appetite. It also contains chlorogenic acid to modulate after-meal glucose levels, enabling your body to lose weight naturally.

Dr Karen Soh is the Medical Director of Privé Clinic. For more information, visit www. or email to
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