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20s and Below

Dealing with Pneumonia

This lung condition can be fatal even in otherwise healthy people

Pneumonia is an infection of one or both the lungs. It is the second most common cause of death and the fifth most common cause of hospital admissions in Singapore.* Germs such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi can cause pneumonia.[...]

Understanding ADHD

What can you do when your child has ADHD?

Kelvin never seems to be paying attention in class. He tends to drift off into daydream-land so frequently that his teachers have given up on his academic potential.Michelle is considered a ‘naughty’ girl because she talks incessantly in class, too[...]

Breastfeeding Jitters

Tips for first-time moms

You’re expecting your first baby. Congratulations! How are you feeling? Are you at ease, calm, and confident? Or are you anxious, apprehensive, and worried? This article is mainly for the latter group. I have met first-time mothers (and fathers) who[...]

Delivering Hope

Fetal stem cell treatment to help babies with brittle bone disease

When scans of a 26-week fetus revealed multiple bone fractures, the diagnosis was dire. The unborn child had brittle bone disease, also known as osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). Brittle bone disease is triggered by a genetic defect that impedes the body’s[...]

Travelling with Kids

A checklist for parents with small children

School’s almost out and your kids are already looking forward to a much-needed vacation. For the folks, however, travelling with kids can be more fuss than fun. Ezyhealth brings you some hard-won wisdom on how to lessen the fuss and[...]

Let’s Tackle Dyslexia

Understanding one of the most common learning disabilities

What do Richard Branson, Ted Turner, John Reed, and MM Lee Kuan Yew have in common? If your answer was their charismatic personalities, brilliant IQ, and successful careers, kudos! However, you left out the most important trait connecting them: they[...]

Diabetes Dilemma

Dealing with the misconceptions of type 1 diabetes

Not so many people know that there are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Both have something to do with blood sugar levels and the way the body produces or fails to produce insulin. But how they[...]

Fetal Problems

Congenital abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract

“Doctor, will she have a normal life?” the heavily pregnant lady looked at me with a little frown on her forehead, while her husband waited intensely for my reply. Obviously, this is a question that has been in their minds[...]

Is Your Child a Gamer?

Four ways to protect your child from video game addictions

Whether it is on the MRT or during Chinese New Year visitations, one cannot help but encounter children, youth, and adults fiddling with their mobile devices. While some of them might be socialising electronically through the popular Facebook or WhatsApp[...]

Newborn Screening

Screening tests your baby will have shortly after birth

Newborn screening was launched in 1963 in the United States, and 2013 marked the 50th year anniversary since the inception of the programme. The newborn screening programme has expanded to countries around the world, with different panels of disorders screened[...]

Chickenpox in Babies

Although rare, varicella infection in babies can be extremely serious

Chickenpox, also known as varicella, is a common and highly infectious disease, affecting individuals mainly during childhood, especially between two and eight years old. But all ages can contract the varicella virus. Chickenpox is rare in babies. However, when it[...]

Special School

Guide in choosing schools for your child with special needs

Finding a school which helps mold your child into a happy, confident, innovative and well-rounded individual is any parent’s dream. Finding the “right” school is even more of a priority for parents of children with special needs. In their case,[...]

Safeguarding Sleep in our Children

Understanding the three common sleep disorders in infants and toddlers

Sleep is a vital part of every child. Abnormalities or disorders in sleep can result in significant and long-term complications affecting health, growth and development of the child. Unfortunately, sleep is often not evaluated in the routine medical consultation, and[...]

Zapping Zits

What you can do about your teenager’s acne

For today’s teenagers, appearance and personal image are very important. How they feel about their appearance affects how they feel about themselves – so acne becomes one of those factors that could be preventing them from fulfilling their potential. Remember[...]

A Parent’s Guide to Autism

Amazing, Unique, Totally Interesting, Sometimes Mysterious children

Do you have an Amazing, Unique, Totally Interesting, Sometimes Mysterious child? I have had the honour of working with hundreds of such children for the past decade, and I have accrued an invaluable set of parenting tools, which any parent[...]

Traveling with Kids

5 Tips to prevent motion sickness during family trips

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are just around the corner, and this means a few weeks off from work and a chance to get out of town. But with two or three kids in tow, a vacation that involves[...]

Anorexia and Bulimia

Understanding eating disorders in teenagers

Did you know that eating disorders are becoming alarmingly more prevalent among our children? Children as young as nine years old are adopting dangerous eating habits commonly associated with eating disorders. Furthermore, according to the United States National Association of[...]

Eczema in Children

Common concerns regarding atopic dermatitis in children

ATOPIC ECZEMA, ALSO known as atopic dermatitis, is the most common skin condition affecting children of all ages. It affects up to 20% of school-aged children in Singapore. Although symptoms begin for most patients during the first year of age,[...]

Whooping Cough in Babies

Respiratory Physician Dr Lee Yeow Hian gives us the lowdown on pertussis

It’s bad enough when kids have simple coughs and colds – imagine when they start whooping and have alarming pauses in breathing. Parents have a reason to worry when their kids have pertussis or whooping cough. Not only is it[...]

The Birds and the Bees

How to talk to your child about sexuality

As a parent, talking about sex and sexuality to your children often leaves you tongue-tied. Well, you are not alone. It’s a topic many parents choose to avoid or leave until later. Yet this is one of the most important[...]

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