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Some Like It Hot

Spice up your diet with these tasty fat-burners

Hot news! Chillies, hot peppers, curry powder and other spicy delights are among some of the best foods that fight fat. Capsaicin, a key chemical in chillies and chilli-based spices, stimulates fat-burning in the body. Spicy foods may also help[...]

Special Delivery

Your post-natal meal choices don’t have to be ‘confined’

Choose your post-natal diet wisely. The right foods can ensure a speedy recovery, keep you from falling ill easily and even promote a good milk supply. Trust me, you want your body to bounce back to full health quickly –[...]

The Vegetarian Life

Complete nutrition with wholefoods

What better time to ‘clean up’ your diet than the start of a new year? If you want to give a vegetarian or vegan diet a go but don’t know where to start, Mayura Mohta’s The Wholefood Kitchen is just[...]

Fabulous Festive Fare

Sugar substitutes for a super celebration

Ready to whip up a feast for your family and friends this festive season, but worried about piling on the pounds? These yummy recipes keep the calories low by swapping sugar with artificial sweeteners. Thai-Style Broccoli Salad (Serves 8) Ingredients[...]

Delectable Desserts for Diabetics

“Sugarless” can be just as satisfying

If you have a sweet tooth but can’t stomach sugar, load up on fruits instead. These sweet treats skip the sugar but are still a delicious finish to any meal. Healthy Banana Cookies (Makes 40 cookies) Ingredients 3 ripe bananas[...]

Eat to Beat Cancer

Protect yourself with these delicious “cancer blockers”

Brawny Brussels Sprouts (Serves 3) “Crucify” cancer with cruciferous vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage. Loaded with isothiocyanates and indoles, which simultaneously inhibit carcinogen-activating enzymes and stimulate carcinogen-deactivating enzymes, these mean green superfoods are believed to pre-empt breast[...]

Hearty Eats

Boost your cardiovascular health with these heart-thumpingly good recipes

Cheesy Salsa Oats (Serves 1) Start your day right with a steaming bowl of oats, which are full of omega-3 fatty acids, folate, and potassium. This fibre-rich staple can lower levels of LDL (“bad”) chol esterol and help keep arteries[...]

Pep up your Peepers!

3 easy recipes for healthy eyes and sharp vision

Zesty Carrot Ginger Soup (Serves 4) Packed with vitamin A, carrot prevents night blindness and is essential for retinal health. It also reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Ingredients 3 tbsp unsalted butter 680g carrot (about 6 or[...]

Travelling with Kids

A checklist for parents with small children

School’s almost out and your kids are already looking forward to a much-needed vacation. For the folks, however, travelling with kids can be more fuss than fun. Ezyhealth brings you some hard-won wisdom on how to lessen the fuss and[...]

Desk Jockeys Beware

5 health hazards in the workplace

Singaporeans are working harder than ever before – nine in 10 choose to work beyond their official hours, according to 2012 survey by JobStreet.* Despite its comfortable, air-conditioned façade, the typical office environment can take a surprising toll on your[...]

That Queasy Feeling

How to manage motion sickness

You know too well when it’s about to hit. First you start salivating. Nausea and dizziness will slowly kick in. Then you will break out in cold sweat and vomit occasionally. You will feel the world won’t stop swaying and[...]

More than Just Beauty Sleep

The many benefits of a restful shut-eye

One can never overemphasise the importance of sufficient sleep. A study1 held at the University of California, San Diego, and the San Diego VA Medical Center showed the effects of sleep deprivation on the brain. Sleep deprivation has also been[...]

Healthy Festive Eating

Tips to Guilt-free Indulgence during the Chinese New Year Celebration

People tend to indulge in a lot of calorie-rich food during Chinese New Year. While the amount of weight one can put on varies according to individuals, it’s easier to consume more calories than we need during Chinese New Year,[...]

Bust the Dust!

Dust Mite-proof your House to Avoid Allergies

For something so small and totally invisible to the naked eye, dust mites are hard to ignore – especially when you start sneezing, your eyes turning red and itchy, and your nose stuffy and runny. Dust mites are microscopic bugs[...]

Water Wastage

Tips to limit water usage at home

One of the easiest ways to cool down, freshen up, and rejuvenate is to take a shower. It may be a mundane daily task, but for many, taking a shower is more than just about maintaining personal hygiene. They consider[...]

Frugal and Easy

Tips for budget travel

Decided to stay put in Singapore in 2013 because you think you can’t afford to travel this year? You can see the world without breaking the bank. Read on to find out how you can enjoy a wonderful holiday on[...]

Grey Coverage

Hair colour tips for senior women

Most men can get away with having grey hair. In fact, men who sport silver hair – like Richard Gere and Steve Martin – have the reputation of being called cool and suave. With women, however, it’s a different story.[...]

Altitude Sickness

What To Do When Faced with Mountain Sickness

The recent reports by the media on two Singaporeans – 66-year-old man and a 61-year-old woman who died of altitude sickness at Mt Kailash – have generated tremendous interest and awareness of this condition. This is important as there are[...]

Wound Dressing 101

Keep It Clean and Comfortable

After the initial shock and pain of getting wounded comes the worst part, dressing your wound. Wound dressings are one of the most important parts of wound care. It is necessary to take extra care to clean your wound before[...]

Ageless Tresses

Hair Care and Hairstyles for Women in their 50s

With age, most women experience a change in hormone metabolism, slowing the cell turn over and growth. Not only does this affect skin and bones but also hair, which can cause greying, hair loss and a change in hair texture[...]

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