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Medical Express

Health and Happiness the Swisse Way

In the constant busy-ness of life in Singapore, it’s easy to fall short on meeting our daily nutritional needs. That’s why Swisse is bringing its world-renowned range of vitamins and supplements to Singapore, to help boost the nutrient intake that may[...]

Eu Yan Sang in the East

Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health (EYSIH) has just opened its 28th Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinic at Eastpoint Mall in Simei. The child-friendly clinic is anchored by handpicked physicians who have clinical experience treating young patients up to 12 years old.[...]

Blackmores Has Lots in Store 

To empower consumers to take charge of their health, Blackmores opened Singapore’s first health and wellness management store in 2014 to provide Blackmores natural products and value-added naturopathic health services to an even wider public. Located at Parkway Parade (#B1-111),[...]

Mind your Body

How to deal with mental and physical signs of stress

Our daily activities and responsibilities constantly place stress on our minds and bodies, and this manifests as aches and pains. We invite naturopath Eugene He to share the best ways to tackle stress and body aches. Eugene is the Chief[...]

Just Be Natural

“The Happy Naturopath” Eugene He practises a healthy and happy lifestyle

Curiosity has always been in Eugene He’s nature. Growing up with a huge appetite for questions, he always wanted to know how everything worked, such as the science of chemical reactions and how food affects mood. He discovered naturopathic medicine[...]

Put Bad Sleep Habits to Bed

Sleep is essential for children’s cognitive and behavioural development. A whopping 37% of lower primary school children feel sleepy during the day – a sign of sleep deprivation, yet 89% of parents don’t think their child has a sleep problem.[...]

New Centre for Vascular Diseases Open

Sincere Healthcare Group has added a new centre to its network in Singapore. With the opening of the Vascular and Interventional Centre at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre (#07-38) in March 2015, the range of conditions Sincere Healthcare Group now[...]

First-in-Human Trial of Cancer Vaccine

National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) has commenced a trial for a new cancer vaccine – the first trial in the world to be administered to human patients. Led by one of NCCS’s top clinician scientists, the Phase I clinical trial[...]

Good Food or Great Figure?

You can have your cake and eat it too

  It’s hard to stick to a diet when you love to eat. And hey, skipping meals isn’t healthy, right? Here’s a secret: you don’t have to starve yourself to maintain a healthy weight – it’s not just the quantity[...]

Cutting Out Obesity

Weighing the benefits of bariatric surgery

Obesity has been a worldwide epidemic for the last few decades. This growing disease is now more prevalent among the young. Above a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 is the definition of being overweight. Further, a BMI of above[...]

Food for Thought

Dietitian Dr Lim Yen Peng dishes on nutrition and the ageing population

You are what you eat. And what you eat becomes even more important when you have a medical condition – apart from dietary restrictions you have to adhere to, getting the right nutrition can help manage your condition and even[...]

Everyone Can Eradicate Ebola

Although some medical therapies show promise as treatments for Ebola, scientists are still looking urgently for a definitive cure. For the first time, anyone with access to a computer or Android-based mobile device can help scientists perform this critical research[...]

Hands-on Healthcare Training

Singapore is facing a rapidly ageing population, and with three new public general hospitals in the pipeline, there is growing demand for pharmaceutical healthcare professionals. Recognising the need for a pipeline of industry-ready graduates, Republic Polytechnic (RP) and Khoo Teck[...]

Monitor your Heart on the Go

The National University Heart Centre Singapore (NUHCS) now offers a new ambulatory ECG event monitoring service that ensures healthcare professionals receive accurate data. This is available across the National University Hospital (NUH). Patients take the device home with them typically[...]

How Do I Love Thee?

The real deal on relationships, love and sex

  Relationships can be tricky things, especially for those who are clueless about love and sex – and let’s be honest, most of us have been there at one time or another. Armour up on amore with advice from Singapore’s[...]

Goodbye Cancer, Hello Baby!

Fertility-sparing treatments for gynaecological cancers

In the past, treatment for cancers which affect the female reproductive organs – the uterus, cervix and ovaries – would generally result in permanent infertility in most women. To make things worse, it has been shown that about 10% of[...]

Conceiving Hope

Singapore’s ‘father’ of IVF Professor Ng Soon Chye on birthing new treatments

Professor Ng Soon Chye cuts a fatherly figure. From his distinguished looks to his confident yet affable manner, he puts you at ease immediately. Which is only to be expected, considering his long history in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O &[...]

Antiviral Aid Against Ebola

Mundipharma has partnered with Direct Relief, a leading aid organisation, to donate supplies of its BETADINE® range of antivirals to support the aid organisation’s efforts to contain the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. During this outbreak of Ebola,[...]

Ascendas Boosts Workplace Health

Ascendas has been actively engaging and promoting healthy living initiatives among tenants in its business parks and industrial spaces, such as by organising sporting competitions and fitness programmes. The encouraging response from the tenants motivated Ascendas to partner the Health[...]

Trailblazing Technology Tracks your Skin’s pH Level

Skin treatment centre d’skin has brought in Soft Plus, a standalone PC-powered skin assessment system. Buoyed by this technology, its therapists are now able to track the skin’s pH level on top of tracking other important indicators like hydration, sebum,[...]

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