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What are the health benefits of eating bird’s nest?

The 3 best answers will receive a Natural House Nest from Pureness Bird's Nest worth $88!

Pureness Bird’s Nests are Natural House Nest that are free from insecticide. Each nest contains up to 17 essential and non-essential amino acids and minerals, strengthening our bodies’ immune system. Our nests use a proprietary cleaning process that is in[...]

What’s your fool-proof tip to making your favourite dishes heart-friendly?

The 3 best answers will each receive a copy of Hearty Delights Cookbook from SHF (signed by Former President SR Nathan).

Singapore Heart Foundation’s very own cookbook Hearty Delights features healthy recipes from 25 world-class chefs working in prestigious hotels in Singapore. Beautifully bound in hardback, Hearty Delights will serve as an excellent gift to your loved ones as well as[...]

How do you keep your heart healthy?

The 3 best answers will each receive a bottle of embrace Shiraz from The Wine Company worth $38.

Drinking moderate amount of red wine has been known to reduce cardiovascular diseases, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and increase life expectancy. Red wine contains resveratrol – a beneficial antioxidant which has received significant research interest for various health benefits. With embrace,[...]

What’s your healthy New Year’s Resolution?

The 3 best answers will each receive a set of Dr Joe Slimax and Dr Joe Xantrim worth $128.

Dr Joe Slimming series contains two products – Dr Joe Slimax and Dr Joe Xantrim. Specially formulated by Dr Joe and his research team in the US, both products are made of 100% natural herbal extracts, and can help to[...]

What’s your fool-proof way to lose unwanted belly fat?

The 3 best answers will receive a Miracle Magic Slimming Belt (worth $238).

Lose weight without injection, medication or surgery! With the use of a high nano-technology slimming belt, which effectively burns excess body fats and cellulite, you can now achieve a healthy weight with no side effects. Through the natural principles of human[...]

Why should you avoid spending too much time in the shower?

The 3 best answers will each receive­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ a set of Sonaki Dolphin Chrome Hand Shower (worth $89.90) from Vitamin Shower.

SONAKI® Vitamin C Hand Shower has been around globally for many years, improving people’s health and protecting them from chemical bath. It uses 100% pharmaceutical Vitamin C filter to neutralise and remove 99.9% of chlorine in the water, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria[...]

How do you improve your posture while sleeping?

The 3 best answers will each receive a set of Youth & You Slumber Treasures Series Precious Pillow + Neck and Posture check-up (worth $368 each set) from Natural Healings.

Precious Pillow is a hollow, spherical pillow specially-fitted with an exquisite blend of pearls (each possessing its own unique beneficial property) carefully selected according to the specific type of positive qualities they offer. Apart from offering users maximum comfort, Youth[...]

Why would you want to undergo an IPL hair removal treatment?

The 3 best answers will each receive­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ three sessions of Ultimate IPL Hair Removal Treatment (worth $180 each/$540 total) from WinkWax Wellness.

Tired of plucking and shaving? Had enough of the pain from waxing? Dare to bear with WinkWax Wellness’ Ultimate IPL Hair Removal Treatment, which uses the latest technological advancement in non-invasive permanent hair removal. • Up to 99% hair reduction[...]

How do you ensure you get a good night’s sleep?

The 3 best answers will receive a Renew SleepClock (worth $299 each) from GEAR4.

Renew SleepClock uses an advanced sensor to track your sleep wirelessly and works with an app for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Simply set a wake up window, choose from a range of wake-up sounds and the device tracks your[...]

How do you protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun?

The 3 best answers will receive ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­a pair of Elle sunglasses each (worth $173 onwards).

Looking good outdoors in our tropical climate isn’t just about slapping on make-up and wearing tasteful apparel. Shades come into play and with Elle’s latest 2012 collection, women can feel empowered to dress up their eyes with these stylish numbers.[...]

How do you improve collagen production in your body?

The 3 best answers will receive COLLA-e 3-in-1 Trio Pack (worth $168 each).

Keep Free Radicals at Bay! Collagen makes up 80% of our skin, like a “spring” giving it the elastic, supple feel. But collagen starts to decrease in our 20s and a lot more so in our 30s. Skin is the[...]

What are your health, foolproof tips to losing weight?

The 3 best answers will receive­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ KINOHIMITSU J’pan Kilos Cut (worth $69.90 each).

KINOHIMITSU J’pan Kilos Cut is a weight management formula proven by science. It is a powerful pack of ingredients with seven international patents to promote weight loss and fitness naturally. Slimming Benefits: • Curbs cravings • Increases fullness • Reduces[...]

How do you deal with your hair loss problem?

Answer our monthly question and the three best answers will receive Hair Care Sessions at TrichoKare Salon (worth $59 each).[...]

How do you take good care of your legs?

How do you take good care of your legs? Answer our monthly question and the three best answers will receive VENETRIM Vein Reducing Cream (worth $79).  [...]

What is your most memorable romantic date?

I have been married for years, and my hubby is a kind of guy who is not romantic and does not know how to sweet talk. My most memorable romantic date happened about eight years ago. It was my birthday.[...]

How do you keep your hair healthy, smooth and silky?

If you want truly healthy hair that is smooth and silky, then you must eat a proper healthy diet. The most important elements of your diet should include protein, of course. Dark green vegetables and fresh fruits are also needed[...]

“What do you want for Christmas and why?”

I would wish to receive an iPad 2 for Christmas because having this gadget will somehow make a difference in my day to day life as well as increase my productivity towards getting things done. Merry Christmas, Ezyhealth! Mr Royston[...]

Tell us your secret to clear skin

First, I watch what I eat. Second, I set up a   routine. I always wash my face before I sleep   and apply a regular skin care routine. Third,   I cleanse correctly. I fi nd the right cleanser,[...]

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