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Mental Health

Don’t Panic!

There is help for panic and anxiety disorders

“Like a Sledgehammer” Bank manager Mark, 42, felt like he’d been hit by a sledgehammer when he was struck by a panic attack without warning. He was in his office preparing for an important management meeting when suddenly, his whole[...]

Overcoming the Blues

Let’s halt the rise of depression

Good physical health is important, but seniors must not neglect their mental health too. Psychiatrist Dr Ko Soo Meng shares tips on preventing and managing depression among seniors. Q: What are the common causes of depression among our elderly? A:[...]

No-Body is Perfect!

Get your body image and self-esteem in better shape

Do you feel comfortable with your body image? Do you like what you see in the mirror? If your answer is “no”, you are in good company. What is body image? Body image is how we see ourselves when we[...]

Of Cures and Needles

Acupuncture for the treatment of addictions

The use of acupuncture for the treatment of addictions dates back to as early as the Opium War, when it was used extensively by Chinese physicians to treat withdrawal symptoms of opium addiction. More recently in the 1970s, research done[...]

The Many Benefits of Clinical Hypnosis

From management of localised pain to improvement of health and well-being

As a practicing counsellor, I have developed a profound appreciation for the many benefits clinical hypnosis has to offer. It is a technique, not a treatment, usually used in conjunction with pain management treatments or psychotherapies. Hypnosis, the “Mother” of[...]

Humour is Dangerous to Stress

Manage chronic stress with humour – a smile, a giggle, a hearty laughter!

“Help, I’m sooo stressed out!” “Life is no fun anymore!” These phrases sound familiar to us, right? We all suffer from stress and know how it feels. It destroys our sense of happiness and aliveness and sets us up for[...]


Don't let low self-worth pull you down

Lillian, 39, a mother of two teenage daughters, was feeling very frustrated and low about herself a lot of the time when she turned to counselling. She regularly puts herself down and is extremely critical about herself. Quite often she[...]


The gravity of alcohol addiction

Alcohol is commonly consumed and seen as a harmless beverage in Singapore. According to the 2010 National Health Survey, of the adults aged 18 to 69, 54% are non-drinkers, and 91.3% do not binge drink. The Singapore Mental Health Study[...]

Bizarre Behaviours

Understanding schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that can affect anybody. It tends to strike its victims between the ages of 17 and 35, and in rare cases even younger. It affects all aspects of the sufferers’ lives, i.e. the way they[...]

Bipolar Disorder

How it can cost a man’s wedding dream

BIPOLAR DISORDER (which is also known as manic depression) is a biological illness and not a character weakness. This illness affects peoples’ mood and leads to feelings of extreme happiness, intense sadness or heightened irritability. In Physics, we learned about[...]

Grace Under Pressure

Tips to Manage Stressful Thoughts

It is a fact: stress can shorten our lifespan. Aside from giving you emotional and psychological discomfort, stress – whether caused by financial, marital, professional or sudden unexpected events – takes a toll on our health. Heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, obesity,[...]

Deceit and Dishonesty

Understanding lies, malingering and deception

Not every person who is seeking a doctor, a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a counselor is always honest. Some patients deceive because they suffer from a psychiatric condition. But dishonesty from mentally healthy clients in the doctor’s office is much[...]

Pathological Gambling

Understanding the mind of a high roller

Gambling behavior exists on a continuum, ranging from social gambling to problem gambling and to pathological gambling (which is gambling addiction). The features of each stage may be classified as below: Social Gambling • Similar to social drinking • Fun,[...]

Feed the Mind

The role of nutrition in your mental health

In its recent report, the World Health Organization states that by 2020, mental illness will be one of the top two contributors to disability in the world. Every year, at least 20% of the world’s population suffers from a mental[...]

Eat Your Blues Away

Understanding how food affects your moods

We all know that decadent treats instantly boost our moods. Although we all have different preferences when it comes to our “happy foods”, ice cream, cakes, chips, and pasta are generally on top of our list. But do these food[...]

7 Habits for Mental Wealth

Adopt these habits and enjoy a fulfilling life

In today’s contemporary society where we are expected to multitask and perform beyond our potential, the word “stress” comes into mind. Stress has a variation in definition across age and gender. Take for instance, stress could be learning spelling, passing a driving test, presenting a topic to[...]

Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction

How to Deal with Teenage Addiction to Online Gaming

Today’s youth have more choices of activities and entertainment alternatives as compared to the generations before. As youths become more digitally sophisticated, online gaming has become a popular choice of entertainment among them. However, in the past years, as more[...]

Sex Addiction

It’s Not About Sex… It’s About Addiction

The Struggle with Sex Addiction Part of the struggle of sex addiction is that there will be “on and off” attempt to stop. At times, the addiction may stop for a short period of time, but in most cases, when[...]

Keeping Your Heart Happy!

It may be an age old symbol of emotion, but everyone knows that the human heart is really nothing more than a pump. Or is it?

New research suggests a direct link between your state of mind and the state of your heart. Your heart is the organ that keeps the system in your body running efficiently through its constant supply of oxygenated blood and elimination[...]

Love Yourself Slim Or Think Yourself Slim

Getting to goal weight starts from within.

There is no telling what you can accomplish to get the body you’ve always wanted with the right frame of mind. Since I was 15, I suffered an eating disorder called Bulimia. I did not come understand what I was[...]

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