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The White Way

Different options to teeth whitening

Sometimes a boost in your self confidence can be just a matter of bleaching your teeth. Although purely an aesthetic thing and not a significant health issue, many people nowadays go for teeth bleaching because white and gleaming teeth can[...]

Brush Up

Dental history in a flash

Ever since you can remember, you have been religiously brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth with these dental tools. In the morning these are the first things you use and the last at night – brushing, flossing, gargling and[...]

Boob Jobs

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Confidence is everything to looking good and feeling great. How then, does a girl achieve confidence strong enough to even taunt a lion in the midst of his pride? Having a pretty face may help. A positive state of mind[...]

“Not Tonight, I Have a Headache”

Wellness Article

Women who have low sexual desire

Man blames wife for lack of sex. Wife complains about lack of emotional intimacy from husband. Sounds like a cliché? It is very real. The reality is that there is often (not always) a sexual desire discrepancy between the male[...]

Opening Your Heart To Intimacy

More than sex is involved

Are you able to be open – which entails being utterly and completely transparent and vulnerable – with your partner? If not, what is preventing you from doing so? Is it fear of abandonment or rejection? How about the fear[...]

Keeping Your Heart Happy!

It may be an age old symbol of emotion, but everyone knows that the human heart is really nothing more than a pump. Or is it?

New research suggests a direct link between your state of mind and the state of your heart. Your heart is the organ that keeps the system in your body running efficiently through its constant supply of oxygenated blood and elimination[...]

Nip & Tuck Those Flabs!

Losing weight is no piece o’ cake for most people.

We know of many a beautiful people who triumphantly did it—Victoria Beckham and Christy Chung, who shed their pounds despite several counts of pregnancy pounds. It goes without saying that the most well established method of weight loss is through[...]

Making Sense Of Sexual Issues For Men

Making Sense Of Sexual Issues For Men Are you confused about the myriad of terms used to describe the sexual difficulties that men might experience? What exactly are PE, DE, and ED? Let’s find out how they are different. There[...]

Mini Dental Implants

Individuals seek help to fill the gaps of missing teeth in the front of the mouth – in the form of dentures and dental bridges.However, more recently, there have been dental implants that anchor fixed artificial teeth and dentures. When[...]

The Full Body Workout In The Bedroom

Get fit while doing the deed!

Have you ever heard people saying that sex is a great workout? Did you know that just 30 minutes of intercourse can burn up to 200 calories? Instead of getting fit to have better sex, how about having sex to[...]

Love Yourself Slim Or Think Yourself Slim

Getting to goal weight starts from within.

There is no telling what you can accomplish to get the body you’ve always wanted with the right frame of mind. Since I was 15, I suffered an eating disorder called Bulimia. I did not come understand what I was[...]

Sex On The Go

Sex On The Go This piece focuses on just what to do sexually when the clock is ticking and you have just minutes to get to the big O! 5 minutes –Do it yourself! Give him a naughty wink, reach[...]

Sizzles For The Bedroom

Sizzles For The Bedroom The sex toy industry has evolved a lot in recent years. Whether you prefer asensuality kit, a pelvic exerciser, or a vibrator, there is surely something for every discerning person’s bedroom. It’s May; and it’s the[...]

How Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Wellbeing

How Straight Teeth Can Improve Your Wellbeing In an affluent society like Singapore where basic needs are taken care of and the emphasis on physical appearance is evident, there has been a noticeable increase in cosmetic dental treatments over the[...]

Making The Cut

A prick of the needle is all you need.

Unlike old fashioned plastic surgery, aesthetic procedures are reversible, less invasive and less painful on the pocket. Aestheticians are one of the biggest earners in the medical field, simply because the demand for aesthetic procedures has escalated over the years. Unlike[...]

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos – Sexy Or A Mistake?

Michelle McGee has it, David Beckham has done it. Are tattoos that cool? If you are thinking of getting inked, Dr Steven Ang tells you why you should think again. The TV program, Miami Ink, has made tattooing appear sexy[...]

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation SlowDown Cowboy! When is faster not necessarily better? That’s right – when we are talking about premature ejaculation or ‘PE’. PE, so known as ‘early ejaculation’ or ‘eager ejaculation’, occurs when a man ejaculates quicker or earlier than[...]

How Cheerfulness Can Help With Healing

About 3000 years ago, Solomon stated: “A merry heart does good to the body; but a broken spirit dries the bones”. A cheerful heart makes good medicine, it is good medicine itself; it raises the spirits, invigorates the body, and[...]

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