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Terrific Threadlift

Facelift without the surgery

Threadlift is a minimally invasive procedure which addresses the main concerns in an ageing face. As we age, the soft tissues of the face progressively lose the elasticity and volume of youth. How many times have we looked in the[...]

Demystifying the Dental Implant

The dream that became a reality

Dental implants are manmade foundations that are placed into your jaw bones to replace the roots of your missing teeth. Some time ago, the idea that missing teeth could be replaced by manmade implants probably belonged in the realm of[...]

Sex Matters

A discourse on intercourse (and other sexual health issues)

Sex is one of the most natural things in the world, but many of us really know very little about it! Our Expert of the Month, Dr Christopher Chong, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Urogynaecologist at Gleneagles Hospital, answers all your burning[...]

Struck with a Stye

Swollen eyelid? Here’s why

Our eyelids are important structures in our body. Besides protecting our eyes from physical injury, they regulate the amount of light reaching the eyes, as well as distribute and drain tears. Eyelashes are found at the lid edges and protect[...]

Joint Health Supplement

Say goodbye to joint pains with the new BRAND’S® ActivMove, an innovative collagen-based joint health supplement that is specially formulated to promote joint comfort and mobility. Designed for active individuals who participate in regular rigorous physical activities, it is also[...]

First Impressions Count

Transform your look, transform your life

Have you ever gone for a job interview looking sloppy? Well, most of us would dress up in a suit and ensure our hair looks neat and tidy when the day comes for us to present ourselves in front of[...]

‘Gumming’ for the Perfect Smile

Too much or too little gum? Now you can get it just right

About 85% of the general population suffers from periodontitis.  Early treatment is essential and, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. It is said that having a nice smile can often determine how well you leave an impression on[...]

Scented Softeners

The new Downy® Parfum Collection™ range of fabric softeners with Scent Switcher Technology™ contains two types of Perfume Micro-Capsules (PMCs) that are deposited onto clothing during each wash. These capsules are activated upon rubbing, wearing or moving of the fabric,[...]

Air Purifier

Hitachi’s Air Purification System EP-A7000 reduces exposure to allergens. The allergen-free HEPA filter catches and suppresses the activity of airborne mould as well as other airborne irritants. It is able to capture 99% of 0.1 to 2.5µm particles, keeping air[...]

Protective Lenses

Crizal Prevencia lenses is the world’s first spectacle lens to offer selective protection against harmful blue light and UV rays. These preventive lenses filter light selectively, letting beneficial Blue-Turquiose light pass through while filtering out harmful Blue-Violet rays as well as[...]

Soothing Beverage

F&N NutriTea Lemongrass with Ginger Tea helps to relieve digestive discomforts. It is brewed using the best ingredients to seal the natural goodness of the ingredients. Free from additional preservatives and colouring, it also contains 25% less sugar and is[...]

Cellulite Reduction

Tolpa Deep Drain Anti-Cellulite Concentrate helps to reduce fluid retention while simultaneously stimulating fat burning and firming up the body, leading to a slimmer silhouette. At the same time, rough skin is smoothened. The concentrate contains knee holly to banish[...]

Heart Energiser

Holistic Way Co-Q10 150mg Cell Energizer helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Vitally important to keep the body functioning well, Coenzyme Q10 energises your heart muscles by increasing energy production in the cells. $49.00, at selected Guardian, Unity Healthcare,[...]

Make-Up Remover

Bioré Micellar Cleansing Water is a lightweight and refreshing make-up remover that lifts off more make-up in one wipe. Formulated with natural mineral water from the Northern Japanese Alps, collagen and white tea extract, it is gentle and soothing enoug[...]

Anti-Hair Fall Treatment

L’Oréal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti-Hair Fall Treatment is an intensive hair treatment designed for both men and women with hair loss concerns. The triple action formula of Arginine, Aminexil and Protein nourish and strengthen hair from the roots and[...]

Eye Contouring

KATE 3D Eye Create is a dual-end eye-contouring powder stick that sculpts and creates the illusion of bigger well-defined peepers, and a more pronounced nose bridge. A dark beige deep shadow powder provides natural shading, while a pinkish white highlighting powder blends[...]

Nail Polish

Colour your nails beautiful with RMK Nail Color EX in two contrasting matte and shine textures. This limited edition collection comes in five delicious shades to suit your mood and personality. Stand out from the crowd with the rich deep[...]

Weightless Sunscreen

Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45 provides UVA/UVB protection for everyday use. Ultra-sheer zinc oxide reflects, scatters and absorbs UV rays, while antioxidants silybin, also known as milk thistle, and caffeine combat the harmful effects of free radicals. Its unique[...]

Acne Treatment

Sébium Global treats acne by biologically recreating a sebum close to that of healthy skin. Its antibacterial and soothing properties act directly on inflamed spots, while keratolytic agents prevent the thickening of the horny layer to eliminate blackheads and clear[...]

All-day Coverage

Breathable Camouflage SPF 30 provides undetectable coverage that lasts all day. Available in 12 shades, it can be mixed and applied in buildable layers to create a custom coverage that looks natural and feels like you have nothing on. Transfer[...]

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