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Hypertension and Dental Care

Keeping your heart and teeth healthy

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. The two measurements for your blood pressure reading refer to the force of heart muscle contraction pumping the blood[...]

Wound Dressing

Made with the same technology trusted by doctors and nurses, Nexcare™ Hydrocolloid Bandages and Dressings are ideal for wounds with low to moderate levels of exudates, and can be used on a variety of wound types such as abrasions, cuts,[...]

Antioxidant Serum

C-Quench® Antioxidant Serum is an exceptional antioxidant serum combines lilac leaf stem cell extract, resveratrol, glutathione, L-ascorbic acid and ergothioneine. Its powerful blend of ingredients effectively prevents and corrects cellular oxidation. It also enlists a host of powerful anti-inflammatory agents[...]

For Skin Health and Weight Loss

Holistic Way Premium Acai Berry 500mg is especially formulated with vitamin C. Acai berry is known to support the body’s resistance against harmful organisms in our environment. It also helps to aid in weight loss, promote good skin, and improve[...]

Unique Foam Wash

The unique foam technology used in Bioré’s Uru Uru 2-in-1 Instant Foaming Wash promises a gentle, thorough cleanse. Containing 800% more micro bubbles than hand-lathered foam, the micro bubbles effectively lift light makeup from the skin surface while penetrating deep[...]

Innovative Cleanser

I Love Yo! Yogurt Facial Cleanser is a premium quality and innovative all-in-one facial cleanser from Korea. It removes all kinds of face and eye makeup in one minute and can also be used as a daily facial cleanser. This[...]

Dual-Action Throat Relief

A specially designed analgesic in a lozenge, Strepsils Max Pro is the only throat lozenge to provide dual-action relief by combining the soothing properties of a lozenge with a painkiller called flurbiprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It fights the[...]

Travel Ally

Novomin has anti-emetic properties and is used for the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting, such as in travel or motion sickness. It is available in a convenient blister pack and comes in a tasty orange flavour syrup suitable[...]

Power CoQ10

Proviton plus CoQ10 is formulated with daily essential multivitamins and minerals, and enhanced with concentrated Panax Ginseng IDB extract and Coenzyme Q10 to help boost energy levels, enhance mental concentration, and support cardiovascular health. Revitalise your body, mind and heart[...]

Joint Health

Holistic Way Glucosamine 2-KCI 750mg is a special formula that may help maintain healthy cartilage and optimal joint health. It helps to repair damaged cartilage, thereby relieving joint pains and discomfort. It may also aid in the improvement of joint[...]

Brightening Therapy

Brightening Therapy with TrueTone is an innovative combination brightener is clinically proven to reduce all types of hyperpigmentation. Its breakthrough formulation inhibits the pigment production pathway at multiple points, interrupting and preventing melanin deposits. Additional anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and MMPi agents[...]

Hair Repair

The Sunsilk Instant Damage Reconstruction Cream repairs and protects with a Keratin Complex that contains keratin, sunflower oil, lysine, and fibre actives. $5.90 (120ml), at leading pharmacies and supermarkets.[...]

Nourishing Facial Soap

Hacudei White Clay Facial Soap is specially formulated with the rich natural minerals of the white clay from Milky Way, a natural lagoon in the Republic of Palau, fruit extracts, and botanical extracts to cleanse the skin effectively besides providing[...]

Keep Ageing at Bay

Sunscreen, collagen fillers, and other minimally invasive procedures to prevent skin ageing

Skin ageing becomes more noticeable when women reach their mid-40s. Facial ageing processes are complex and happen in a three-dimensional way, involving different layers of skin, ligaments, fat pads, and bony structures. Reduction in the facial volume of the fat[...]

Combat Cavities

Five ways to prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay or cavities are common especially in children and teenagers. There are many different reasons why we develop cavities, but the most common of which is eating sugary food frequently and not cleaning our teeth well. When sugary and[...]

Tears and Dry Eyes

What you can do about eye dryness

The surface of our eyes is protected against infection and irritation by a layer of tears. Tears are produced by the tear glands, which are made up of special cells that can produce the watery component of tears. These gland[...]

Water-Proof Sun Shield

The Active Broad Spectrum SPF 45Water-Resistant provides water-resistant broad spectrum protection with a light finish. The blend of UVA/UVB protecting sunscreen agents, including ultra-sheer zinc oxide, provides sun-shielding benefits. Tested to protect for 80 minutes in the water, it is[...]

Allergy Relief

ADEZIO, a second generation antihistamine, is clinically proven to provide fast-acting relief for allergy and cold symptoms. It is suitable for both adults and children. The non-drowsy and once-a-day dosing formula makes ADEZIO a recommended choice for busy working adults[...]

Perfect Base

Prep the face for a smooth canvas with Impress IC White UV Protect Base. Formulated with skincare ingredients, the new Impress IC White UV Protect Base nourishes and softens the skin for a longer lasting makeup. With SPF30-PA++ that shields[...]

Essential Oils

Mt Sapola introduces Barn & Potter Specialty Oils, a range of 19 rare and precious essential oils. From the woody notes of Pure Sandalwood, Hinoki and Elemi, and the delicate floral fragrance of Mimosa Absolute and Rose Bulgaria, to the[...]

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