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Myth Busters

Morphine in Cancer Pain Management

Some common misconceptions

Patient: “Hi Dr A, I am here for my follow up for my high blood pressure and diabetes. By the way, I was admitted to hospital for back pain last month. After all the investigations, they found that I have[...]

The Skinny on Weight Loss Products

Big boon or fat hope?

Does the answer to losing weight really lie in popping a pill or two? Will those unwanted inches melt off our waistlines instantly without dieting and exercise? Here are some facts you need to know about weight loss medicine and[...]

Pregnancy Fallacy

What to really expect when you’re expecting

  Should you eat this? Must you avoid doing that? There is so much hearsay and claims that the modern mum-to-be has to sift through for the sake of her baby and her own well-being, that fiction risks overruling fact.[...]

Getting the Fats Right

Will you flunk the “fats facts” test?

“Low fat is better.” “I’m too fat! I need to eat oily foods.” “I should cut fats from my diet completely.” Sound familiar? You’ve probably heard people around you utter these words before, or you may have thought them yourself.[...]

Sizing Up “Superfoods”

The truth behind the hype

In recent years, we’ve been bombarded with fantastic foods, the likes of buffaloberries, chia seeds, kale, quinoa, agave… and the list goes on. They might be exotic and packed with “super claims”, but do we really need to eat berries[...]


It really gets under your skin

Psoriasis (“suh-ry-uh-sus”) is a chronic skin problem that causes skin cells to grow too quickly, resulting in thick, white or red patches of skin. Normal skin cells grow gradually and flake off every four weeks, but psoriatic skin cells move[...]

Tall Cancer Tales – Quashed!

Get your facts right

As cancer research becomes more advanced, the public has also been inundated by information about this group of diseases – online, on silver screens, and through the grapevine. But how much of it is true? Ezyhealth debunks four common misconceptions[...]

Let’s Talk about Sex!

Sexercise’ and other sexual myths

Sex is perhaps one of the most elusive practices in life – it has been around forever, but we’re only just beginning to develop a murky understanding of it. We scoured the academia for credible studies that debunk four common[...]

Think Exercise = Weight Loss? Think Again

Debunking the myths of ‘working off the weight’

So, you think you know how this works: exercise, burn calories, lose weight. Simple, right? Actually, no… it’s NOT all that simple! Here, we debunk the top three myths surrounding exercise and weight loss. Read on to get the whole[...]

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