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Ezyhealth MagazineEH Sept 2013 cover

Ezyhealth is a consumer health magazine dedicated to inform, educate and enlighten readers on health and beauty matters. Ezyhealth remains one of the largest circulating health magazines locally. Our over 500,000 readership  among health conscious individuals is the main springboard of our success.

Since 2000, Ezyhealth has been the magazine of choice for consumers and advertisers. Our goal is to provide, maintain and strengthen our link to the readers and advertisers by consistently renewing and refreshing our content and sections, while maintaining the same high quality health content that is valued by all.

Ezyhealth can be readily found at any of our distribution partners:

  • Leading pharmacies
  • Personal care stores
  • Medical halls
  • Hospitals
  • Specialist & GP clinics        
  • National Libraries
  • Government bodies (MOM, MOE, HDB)
  • Schools (Universities, Junior Colleges)
  • Cafes  
  • Beauty and Hair Salons


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Our Awards and Accolades

  • Third Place Health Magazine of the Year 2012, Magazine Rankings Study
  • The Golden Web Awards, 2001-2002, 2003-2004
  • Healing, Editor’s choice
  • Best of Asia Pacific – Year 2k


Ezyhealth Holdings

Ezyhealth Holdings Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s pioneer and most respected companies in the healthcare industry. Its major interests include managed healthcare, health events, organising aesthetic training for medical professionals and publishing of medical periodicals, health magazines and books.

Our managed healthcare business is one of the largest independent companies of its kind in Singapore. It oversees the delivery of health services to over 200,000 members who belong to more than 1,000 corporations – a good number of which are included in the list of Top 100 Corporations in Singapore. It is managed through its state-of-the-art information health management system, which provides many medical and health analysis reports to assist in cost management. Corporates are enrolled in a healthcare plan where they have access to over 500 general practitioners’ and specialists’ clinics islandwide. Ezyhealth negotiates with medical providers for preferred rates.

Ezyhealth Publications and Events division disseminates health and medical information to the public and medical doctors through various publications and events. It also publishes medical titles like ‘Medical Grapevine’ which acts as knowledge bridge between the  general practitioners and specialists, and is one of the most widely read and highly regarded medical periodicals.

Training and development promotes regular honing of skills and knowledge. Ezyhealth promotes this to the medical aesthetic community by delivering the latest aesthetic trends and discovery to the doctors through regular training conducted within the region. This is in collaboration with American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) in the United States. AAAM conducts medical aesthetic training for qualified medical practitioners in more than 20 countries around the world.

With six business subsidiaries dealing mainly in health, Ezyhealth provides trusted healthcare and timely medical information dissemination and training to empower the public and the medical community not just in Singapore but also in the region.

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