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“How do you take good care of your permed/colour-treated hair?”

prizeTo prevent fading colour and curl woes, I use two types of shampoo. One is for permed or colour treated range, another is for deep cleansing. Since colouring and perming products contain harsh chemicals that break down hair protein, breakage and hair fall occur. Women of our era, despite knowing the fact, still do it to boost up our confidence level. So, the night before doing your colouring and perming, use a treatment mask or treatment conditioner to hydrate hair and boost up protein to hair shafts. To maximise the use of treatment mask, cover it with a shower cap for five minutes for better absorption. To tame fly away, use a small quantity of hair serum on wet hair and apply evenly, starting from end of the hair and to just above the roots. Avoid the serum on the scalp. This will prevent oily scalp. Regular hair maintenance with shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask is a must. – Niki Liu Shuhui

I colour my hair black once or twice a month, to cover the greying hairs. To make my hair colour last longer, I always use a shampoo which is meant for coloured hair, as it is more hydrating. When I shampoo my hair, I concentrate on the scalp to wash off oil and grease. Coloured hair becomes weak and dry. Hence, after shampooing, I need to condition it with conditioners meant for coloured hair especially on the tips. I also wear a hair repair mask once a week to nourish my strands. I use a mask that is fortified with pro-Vitamin B5 to improve the protein structure of my hair. Colour-treated hair becomes fragile. In addition to the above hair care regime, I do not comb my hair when it’s damp and I try to avoid using hot dryers.  – Liang Hein Fock

I use shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, followed by hair serum to protect my coloured hair from fading. I cover my hair when I go out in the sun, as the UV rays can damage our permed tresses. If I go for a swim, I make sure to wear a swimming cap to protect my hair from chlorine. – Epifania Gumban

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