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Just Be Natural

“The Happy Naturopath” Eugene He practises a healthy and happy lifestyle

Eugene 05Curiosity has always been in Eugene He’s nature. Growing up with a huge appetite for questions, he always wanted to know how everything worked, such as the science of chemical reactions and how food affects mood.

He discovered naturopathic medicine and never looked back, eventually graduating as an Australia trained naturopath in Sydney. He began practicing and for a few years focused on the natural management of mood disorders.


Eugene went on to start his own nutraceutical research company, Tek Eight Laboratories. “I wanted a bigger platform to reach out to more people, to hopefully inspire them to better their health,” Eugene explains. “In my work, I’ve had the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by successful global leaders and international recording artistes. Being invited to Washington DC to meet with President Obama and the Secretaries of State in 2013 was the most eye-opening experience for me.”


​​Ezyhealth: Most people don’t really know what naturopathy is about. Can you explain what naturopathy is?

Eugene: Naturopathy is a system of preventative medicine based on scientific and traditional evidence-based modalities such as herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, manual therapies, homeopathy and other dietary and lifestyle advice. In many countries, naturopaths work alongside GPs or other health professionals to offer holistic patient-centred care. A qualified naturopath should possess accreditated education in naturopathy or naturopathic medicine and be recognised by an association in Australia, Europe or the US.


Ezyhealth: What are some misconceptions people have about naturopathy?

Eugene: The first would be that a naturopath is a homeopath. Although some naturopaths use homeopathy in their practice, not all do and they are both very different systems of medicine.


The second would be that naturopaths are tree-hugging vegan hippies. This is most definitely untrue. Many naturopaths are academics with a strong interest in the relationship between medicine and nature.


Ezyhealth: What inspired you to become a naturopath?

Eugene: I knew I wanted to be involved in medicine from a young age. When it came to making the decision, I had to decide between going to veterinary school or medical school, or to do something totally different. After a visit to a naturopath, I knew that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people, not just when they are ill. I was interested in helping to keep people healthy, and naturopathy seemed like the most logical preventative medicine modality.


Ezyhealth: What training must one have to qualify as a naturopath?

Eugene: Naturopathic education differs from country to country. In Australia and New Zealand, a naturopath is required to complete three years of full time education with one year of clinical work to be recognised by the association. In the US, naturopathic medicine is a four-year postgraduate program.


Ezyhealth: Tell us what a typical day is like for you.

Eugene: As I no longer practice today, a typical day for me would involve going into the office and spending some time in my laboratory to analyse ingredients and to work on nutraceutical formulas. I also spend time replying to email questions on health and product queries from customers and ex-patients. After work, I usually head home to work on a new recipe or continue working on my cookbook, which I hope to publish sometime this year.


Ezyhealth: What are the most common problems you see in people who seek your help?

Eugene: Usually chronic lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, allergies and stress. Increasingly, we are also seeing more children with chronic health conditions and food allergies.


Ezyhealth: You have a hands-on approach to dealing with health issues. Tell us more about how you like to tackle health problems.

Eugene: It starts with a detailed health consultation that lasts for at least an hour. Based on the findings, I will devise a customised programme for my patients. Some of the activities in the healing programme can involve keeping a food diary, picking up a new sport or even learning how to cook. I believe in empowering my patients with practical knowledge and skills that can help them improve their health without having to rely too much on medications or a practitioner.


Eugene 01Ezyhealth:
You’re known as “The Happy Naturopath”. What’s the secret to your happiness?

Eugene: I came to an agreement with myself many years ago that I would never be upset over any problems that can be solved. I then struck another deal with myself that I would never be upset over any problems that can’t be solved, since that would be unproductive. I pretty much cornered and tricked myself into happiness. I guess there is really no secret. We can make the choice to respond either positively or negatively to any situation. I simply chose the easier one, which is to be happy.




Ezyhealth: We hear you are an avid cook and like to experiment with food! What are your favourite dishes?

Eugene: I love making soups! Broths are the most nutritious and delicious food you can make, and they are so easy to prepare. I’m currently obsessed with using a pressure cooker to make everything. I’m hoping to break down the stigma that healthy food is boring food. I post almost everything I make on Instagram, so check me out at @eugenehys.


Ezyhealth: What else do you like to do in your free time?

Eugene: I travel a lot. It brings me clarity and motivates me to create more things. I also gain inspiration from my travelling and use it in either my cooking or naturopathic research. I love visiting boutique producers of food ingredients and am currently contemplating starting a farm! I also collect medicinal plant materials. To date, I have more than 500 samples of traditional medicine, herbal extracts and essential oils.

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