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Keep your Best Interests at Heart

Strike out stress and stay heart healthy

Heart at the human handsDon’t let deadlines, demanding duties, or dealing with difficult people at work drag down your health. Stay healthy on the go with these handy dietary supplements specially formulated to combat stress and keep your heart in great shape.









Fight Stress

BLACKMORES Executive B 60 Tablets FA


Executive B
This is a specially formulated combination of B-group vitamins and the minerals magnesium and zinc – important nutrients to help meet the busy person’s daily requirements. In a convenient one-a-day dose, this formula is ideal for people who lead a hectic lifestyle.
$31 (60 tablets)






BLACKMORES Multi B 60 Tablets FA



Multi B
A dietary supplement that’s been specially formulated to provide the B-complex group of vitamins which are required for the conversion of food into energy, this formula is ideal for people who feel depleted and run-down.
$21 (60 tablets)






Boost Heart Health

Blackmores Omega Triple 60Caps 300ml LR

Omega Triple Concentrated Fish Oil™
Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for normal health and development. Blackmores Omega Triple contains triple the omega-3s of standard fish oil capsules. High doses of omega-3s found in Blackmores Omega Triple may have beneficial effects including helping to promote a healthy heart and brain. Omega Triple contains high quality concentrated odourless fish oil which is molecularly distilled to improve quality and purity.
$55 (60 capsules)





BLACKMORES CoQ10 150mg 30 Capsules FA


CoQ10 150mg
A natural source of coenzyme Q10 and a powerful antioxidant, this provides support for cellular energy production, helps replenish declining CoQ10 levels and helps maintain healthy arteries and a healthy cardiovascular system.
$73 (30 capsules)






Blackmores ECO Krill Oil 30caps 125ml Aug 2013 (SG) LR


Eco Krill 1000mg
Krill is a crustacean that plays an important role in the ocean and is a food source for many ocean creatures such as whales, seals and penguins. Blackmores supports MSC certified Eco Krill, sourced from sustainable fisheries. This super strength formulation is rich in phospholipids (primarily phosphatidylcholine) which research suggests have a beneficial effect on omega-3 fatty acid absorption.
$62 (30 capsules)





Available at Blackmores flagship store, leading pharmacies and departmental stores.

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