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A growing medical tourism destination of choice

image1St. Luke’s: First PH Hospital Cited for Medical Tourism and International Patient Care

Tourists headed for the Philippines can now be assured of quality healthcare as St. Luke’s Medical Center’s (SLMC) Quezon City and Global City hospitals have been certified as medical tourism destinations by German-based accrediting body TEMOS. This makes St. Luke’s hospitals two of only five hospitals worldwide recognised as medical tourism destinations, further boosting the country’s medical tourism program. The only other countries that have received the same certifications are Thailand and Jordan. St. Luke’s was cited for its medical excellence, quality and top calibre services and facilities for medical travellers and international patients. Within just one assessment period, each facility was awarded double certifications: one for Excellence in Medical Tourism and a re-certification for Quality in International Patient Care (the first was in 2010).

TEMOS is a prestigious and prominent German-based healthcare accreditation organisation that certifies various hospitals and primary care facilities worldwide. Their certification programmes are based on adherence to internationally established standards in Quality Management Systems (QMS) and compliance with their own stringent and comprehensive quality criteria. In October last year, a team of international TEMOS assessors conducted two week-long inspections of both St. Luke’s Global and Quezon City facilities where both hospitals’ medical and non-medical services were carefully scrutinised, inspected and rated on their readiness to manage international patients.

During their on-site visit, the TEMOS assessors looked into the various medical and non-medical services of both facilities that address the unique needs of international patients, especially travelers, tourists and expatriates. These included international patient care and concierge services, medical care which include the patients’ care cycle before traveling abroad, and post-treatment, post-discharge and follow-up procedures, as well as fulfilling the requirements of international insurance and assistance companies. Also taken into consideration were the hospitals’ approaches to the national norms, laws, cultures, and mentalities of various countries.

6 Reasons to Choose the Philippines as your Next Medical Tourism Destination

  1. Philippine healthcare centres are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The country has holiday destinations that are within an hour’s drive for great diving and mountain sceneries and a half-hour’s plane ride for powdery, white sands.
  2. The Philippines has internationally recognised healthcare professionals. The nation’s health practitioners have excellent healthcare education and training.
  3. Filipino physicians will make you feel comfortable with their traditionally warm and pleasant bedside manner.
  4. Filipino nurses and caregivers are very much in demand not only in the United States but all over the world due to their caring and tender attitude towards their patients.
  5. The currency exchange rate increases the value of most foreign currencies, and thus makes the Philippines an attractive destination for medical travel.
  6. You will pay less for world-class healthcare services, have a holiday in one of the most exotic countries in the world and, at the same time, manage big savings.




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