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Share with us how you spent father’s day with daddy

My father celebrated an advanced Father’sDay this year. I had arranged for us to jointhe Father-Child Bonding Camp organized bythe Centre for Fathering held at the OutwardBound School, East Coast Campus. It was atime well spent with my dad. We did manyactivities together such as rock climbing,trust walk, cooking etc. Most importantly, webuilt on our relationship through fun. HappyFather’s Day dad, and all fathers in the world.
Edwin Khoo

Daddy, Happy Father’s Day. I am currentlyjobless and all I can afford is a small and cheapcake. Though life can be hard on you but younever thought of giving up on me. You’veslogged hard, scrimped and saved just togive me your best. This Father’s Day, theonly gift I can afford is a cake and a big thankyou for all that you have done for me. Daddy,remember to rest well and take good care.I love you from the bottom of my heart.

This year, Father’s Day was a simple yetmeaningful affair for my family and I. We haddinner at an Italian eatery and talked abouteverything under the sun. I am sure daddyenjoyed himself immensely as it was really thecompany and not anything else that mattered.
Dee Burp

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