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Showing a relentless growth in medical tourism

T9092966_xlo say that the Medical tourism in Thailand is booming is an understatement. In 2012, roughly 2.5 million medical tourists came to Thailand from around the world for medical treatment, bringing in some 121.6 billion Thai baht. This accounts for about 10% of the country’s total annual visitors, making Thailand one of the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations.

Newest CT Technology in Thailand for Heart Patients

Bumrungrad International Hospital and Siemens Ltd, Healthcare Sector, announced late last year the newest addition in computed tomography (CT) scanning technology in Thailand for heart patients. The “2nd Generation Dual Source CT” installed at the hospital will help doctors evaluate potential heart problems faster and more accurately, with a lower radiation dose. The new scanner at Bumrungrad is Siemens’ latest CT technology. The Dual-Source CT uses two X-ray tubes rotating around the body simultaneously to provide high resolution images. The highest CT scan speed to date completes thoracic scans in just 0.6 seconds. As a result, patients no longer have to hold their breath, as was necessary in the past. At the same time, Somatom Definition Flash technology works with a much lower radiation dose. For example, a routine cardiac scan on a patient of up to 90kg can be performed with less than one millisievert (mSv) – a fraction of the typical CT dose, generally between 8mSv and 20mSv.

For cardiovascular patients in potentially critical situations, the new CT will allow Bumrungrad specialists to rule out coronary artery disease in less than a minute. They will be able to evaluate coronary blood vessels, valves, functional parameters, and calcium scores immediately, arriving at a full cardiac assessment in less than four minutes.

Source: Bumrungrad International Hospital,


9 Reasons to Make Thailand Your Medical Tourism Destination

1. Thailand features internationally accredited medical facilities. All medical facilities in Thailand pride themselves on their high standards, and many have subjected their premises and systems to the most rigorous classification by applying for accreditation and certification, whereby a qualified standards organisation. Thailand was the first country in Asia to achieve JCI accreditation in 2002, and 30 hospitals are now accredited.

2. Thailand’s medical professionals are highly qualified. Not only do Thailand’s leading medical facilities achieve the highest international standards, but so do the individuals who work in them. The physicians, surgeons and nurses have been meticulously trained to the highest levels, and more than 500 doctors practicing in Thai hospitals are American Board Certified. These medical professionals are skilled at providing the highest quality medical treatment.

3. Extremely cost effective. The cost of medical treatments in Thailand is significantly lower compared to identical treatments in the developed world. In fact, treatments in Thailand are typically far less expensive than elsewhere in the world.

4. No waiting lists. One of the great advantages of receiving medical treatment in Thailand is the ease with which appointments for treatment can be arranged. Thailand hospitals have numerous operating theatres and enough qualified surgeons that there is little, if any, waiting for scheduling even the most complex and invasive procedures.

5. Thailand offers excellent service. Thai nurses, physicians, surgeons and therapists never forget the most fundamental element in a complete treatment and swift recovery: namely, a warm and caring human touch. Staff are truly friendly and considerate to the needs of all their patients, and they will do everything to make you feel relaxed and confident in the treatments you have selected, ensuring all your needs are met. Most of leading hospitals employ specialised English-speaking staff, and many provide translators in a wide variety of foreign languages, including Arabic, Bengali, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese.

6. Thailand’s medical technology is state-of-the-art. All of Thailand’s leading hospitals feature state-of-the-art technology that helps them provide the highest degree of medical treatment and service. Moreover, many hospitals make use of fully automated drug management systems, picture archiving and communication systems to ensure that administration and communication are as seamless as the treatments themselves.

7. Plenty of spa and health resort for relaxation and recovery. When one travels to Thailand for medical treatment or a post-treatment holiday, there are numerous of outstanding spas, destination spa, and health resorts that will pamper recovering patients and their companions equally well, helping both find relaxation and harmony within an idyllic and peaceful environment.

8. Wide variety of accommodation options for all budget. Thailand features a wide range of accommodation options, from five-star luxury hotels to budget serviced apartment for medical tourist who need long stay recovery.

9. Wide choice of medical and healing treatments with global standard. Thailand provides all medical tourists with the availability of a wide variety of medical and healing treatments not only Western medicine, but also Oriental medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine.Source:

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