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That Queasy Feeling

How to manage motion sickness

16010021_lYou know too well when it’s about to hit. First you start salivating. Nausea and dizziness will slowly kick in. Then you will break out in cold sweat and vomit occasionally. You will feel the world won’t stop swaying and moving. Motion sickness is a common problem in people traveling by car, plain, train or boat.

According to Mr Alvin Ong, Pharmacy Manager at Guardian, “Motion sickness happens when there is a conflict between two sensory inputs. There is a discrepancy between visually perceived movement from the eye and the vestibular system’s (a system that contributes to balance) sense of movement in the inner ear. In other words, the brain is receiving different signals from the eye and inner ear, leading to confusion which leads to symptoms of motion sickness.”

He added that motion sickness does not only happen to people who are travelling. “People who play fast paced computer games or watch films recorded on a shaky camera may also experience symptoms of motion sickness as well.”

Ways to Cope With Motion Sickness When Travelling

Keep Still. When you’re dizzy and nauseated, avoid moving and standing. Sit down and keep still while you wait for your stomach to settle.

Practice Moderation. Limit your foods, drinks, and alcohol intake before and during travel. Alcohol and motion don’t go well together.

Pick the Right Seat. Choose a seat that lets you experience the least motion, i.e. the middle of an airplane over the wing, and those in lower level cabins near the centre of a ship.

Avoid Reading While Travelling. Reading while inside a moving vehicle triggers motion sickness because of sensory contradiction. Your eyes stay fixed on a stationery object, while your body feels the movement of the car or boat. Get your attention on the road or at a distant object so all your senses will concur that you are on the move.

Seat in Front or Volunteer to Drive. Choose a seat in front of the bus. The ride will not be as bumpy as when you’re at the back. If you’re driving, you would be less likely go get sick as you’ll be busy watching the road and concentrating on driving.

Listen to your Stomach. Some people get sick when their stomach is full, and some when it’s empty. Learn what works for you. Eat an hour before you leave. If it makes you sick when travelling, avoid eating next time, or eat less.

Avoid Heavy Odours. The smell of something strong, like spicy foods or perfume, may trigger motion sickness during or even before the trip.

Be Travel Ready. Consult your pharmacist or physician for a motion sickness remedy that has anti-emetic properties to prevent nausea and vomiting. Take it 30 minutes before the trip. If you decide to take medication for motion sickness, avoid driving, as this might cause drowsiness or blurred vision.

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