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Frugal and Easy

Tips for budget travel

Decided to stay put in Singapore in 2013 because you think you can’t afford to travel this year? You can see the world without breaking the bank. Read on to find out how you can enjoy a wonderful holiday on a tight budget.

Plan Early

Planning your travel early will save you hundreds of dollars on your flights and accommodations. Airlines and hotels offer cheaper prices on flights and rooms which are booked three to six months in advance as compared to last-minute bookings.

Travel During the Off-Peak Period

Many families travel during the June and December school holidays or during long weekends. Avoid competing for expensive plane seats and hotel rooms with them during such peak periods if you are not travelling with school-going children. Choose other times of the year to travel, such as during school term as air tickets tend to be cheaper when demand is low.

Alternative Accommodation

Consider alternative accommodation options other than hotels. Alternatives such as motels, home stays, and bed and breakfast are definitely more economical alternatives. Home stays also give tourists an opportunity to experience life as a local at the destination.

Places with Value-for-Money Meals

Most hotels provide complimentary buffet breakfast that you should make full use of. You can sleep in late and be in time for a late buffet brunch so that you will not be hungry till dinner time. Saving on a meal gives you more time to explore the foreign land as well.

When sourcing for food, the golden rule is to eat like a local. Find a food court or cafe patronised by locals. These are usually good and reasonably-priced samples of authentic local food. To find a decent place to eat, ask around for help, local people are usually friendly enough to show you the directions to the best local food haunt around the corner.

If you decide to enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant, pick lunch over dinner as lunch is almost always less expensive than dinner. It is also healthier to eat a big breakfast and heavy lunch, followed by a light dinner.

Stretch Your Dollar with E-Vouchers

There are a great variety of fantastic deals for dining, health and beauty services, day tours and products available on the Internet that can give you up to 70% discount on the regular prices. Groupon is an example of such a group deal, e-vouchers company with offices in 500 cities worldwide. Find out if any of such group-deal, e-vouchers companies are operating in your tour destination and use them to stretch your dollar.

Minimise Cost of Transport

People usually take taxis around as it is the easiest way to get to their destination. However, do use the subway trains or buses because they are much cheaper. Some cities offer all-day travel passes for unlimited use of subway trains and buses within a day. You can consider getting this if you are going to visit several places during the day.

If you decide to rent a car, always select the smallest car you can get to avoid paying for the unnecessary cost of extra fuel that larger cars need.

Look Out for Freebies

Find out if there are free museums and concerts in parks to keep you entertained. Consider activities such as watching street performances, sunbathing at scenic beaches and joining nature trails, as these are free activities which you may enjoy.

Skip Souvenirs Take lots of photos to remind you of your wonderful holiday with family or friends and skip buying small, impractical souvenirs. You can frame up the photos, display them as your desktop wallpaper or keep them in photo albums. They are more meaningful as mementos than the little key chains or trinkets.


by Jennifer Wu

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