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What are your health, foolproof tips to losing weight?

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Top 3 Winners 

I don’t refrain from consuming any particular food, but I do avoid eating too much fried and oily stuff. I would try to eat five small meals a day. Besides vegetables and fruits, I would also make sure that my liquid is sufficient to flush out toxins from the body. I would hit the gym thrice a week and spend 45 minutes on the treadmill to build stamina and endurance and another 20 minutes to sculpt and tone the muscles. I would go for weekly yoga class and whenever time permits, I would run through the various park connectors to train for short and long distance runs that I actively take part in. – Mui Cheng

The best way is to listen to your body. With proper nutrition and exercise, our body has a natural way of telling us what we need, when we need it. Too much or too oily food, our body feels sick during exercise. Filling up on water, fibre and protein is the best way to feel fuller without overrating. After all, how many apples and chunks of meat can we eat in a meal? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – it’s a must. Save the calories on sodas for a chocolate cake treat at the end of the week. Walk after dinner meetings. Go swimming or cycling before a picnic with your partner. These should be a habit that allows us to enjoy life, feel good. No more sluggish days or forceful diet days. A little goes a long way. – Wong Wai, Tess

Till June, I have successfully put off the 3kg that was shed from Jan-Mar by eating a light dinner by 6.30pm on most weekdays. During the weekend, I try to complete dinner by 8pm. First, a gradual then a significant reduction intake of white rice, white flour and white sugar is a must for long-term weight loss. For breakfast, I take rolled oats with a variety of unsalted, baked nuts with dried cranberries and raisins to satiate hunger till 1pm lunch. During the day, I choose complex carbohydrates, like wholemeal bread and brown rice to reduce craving for high calorie snacks, Remember that fruits are carbohydrate foods too, thus avoid consumption after 6pm as the body takes about six hours to digest. I try to take the stairs and brisk walk or cycle on a stationary bike for 30 minutes at least three to five times a week to maintain weight loss. – Ang Bee Hua

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