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“What is the best way to keep your body in balance?”

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Letters of the Month

August Winners

Question of the month: “How do you treat your joint and body aches?”BH+O3

August winners will each receive a set of Urah® Optimal Micellar Glucosamine Cream with Bio Calcium worth $90 per set!

We tend to neglect proper posture at our work desk or even while doing household chores. Over-exertion of our muscles and joints can also result in physical discomfort. The physical make-up of every individual determines whether one experiences joint pain earlier in life or only when older.

My husband and I take several measures to treat joint pain and body aches: Firstly, after a racquet game or any physical activity that causes pain in our joints and muscles, we use support guards to keep the joints and muscles in the proper positions to heal. Secondly, we apply some mild analgesic cream which can be purchased over the counter, on the affected regions to relieve inflammation. Thirdly, we take collagen tabs and glucosamine supplements occasionally to help regrow the soft tissues of our joints. Proper nutrition is important as a diet high in protein helps in cell regeneration and repair of wear and tear. Finally, simple stretches help to release tension and strengthen our muscles and joints. That’s why we attend yoga sessions weekly.

– Elena Lau

The joint pains that I have experienced are mostly around the lower back and pelvic area. This area was probably weakened by childbirth and insufficient rest post-birth, or due to standing or sitting too long. I practise a couple of yoga poses to alleviate the pain – ‘downward dog’ and ‘happy baby’, as well as spinal twists and pelvic/hip rotations.

I get body aches when I do not exercise for a while, or when I engage a certain set of muscles intensively. I stretch the same spots a couple of times throughout the day, and this eases the soreness. I also lightly pat the sore area, or hold a mini handheld massager against the area.

– Wendy Tay

Due to my desk bound job and poor posture in an air conditioned office, I developed neck aches, backaches and numbness of my limbs. I carry massage balm and a jacket or shawl to cover my legs or shoulders in air conditioned places. I ensure that my fan is not blowing directly at me. I take short breaks and do some stretches every half an hour in between working.

I am prone to muscle aches because of my small frame; my core muscles are weaker. I came up with a simple exercise regime to work on my core and toning, including pilates. Simple home exercises plus a healthy diet have improved my life a lot. Taking supplements like glucosamine regularly is necessary since I am still young. Meditation also reduces pain, that is, being mindful of my body aches, and concentrating on breathing techniques so that my mind and body are at ease.

I know an elderly person facing joint pain. Her knee pain has affected her daily life. I got knee guards for her and am researching online about glucosamine cream. Due to old age, she has to take lots of medication regularly. There are so many brands on the shelves, but I am unsure about the effects and results. I’d be really happy if the glucosamine cream works as I know pain is so frustrating.

– Lee Wai Yee


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