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“What’s your best skin protection regimen?”

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Protect and Whiten

Fade Out White Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Cream is especially formulated for older skin to stimulate collagen production and protect against age-inducing free radicals. Overall skin tone will appear more even, leaving fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced.

  • Skin will appear lighter.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced.
  • Dark areas will fade.

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Letters of the Month

April Winners

Question of the month: “Do you have any scar stories? Please share them with us!”

April winners will each receive­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ a tube of Strataderm Gel for Professional Scar Therapy worth $33/each!SD-tube-box-combo-5g[1]

When I was young I had acne breakouts on my back and face. Some breakouts have left marks and scars on my face and nose. Particularly, the scars on my nose are extremely large dents that are noticeable. It initially destroyed my self-esteem. I did not have the confidence to look for a job or form relationships because I felt I was not as good as everyone else. When I entered adulthood, I have come to accept these imperfections as I have learnt to judge people by their character and not by their appearance.

–        Chow Soh Ying

I have two scars on my back. I got the first one when I was in secondary school, during a PE class. I was carried by two classmates (one holding my hands and one holding my legs) to transport me from one point to another. I can’t remember why we were supposed to do this exercise. However, they didn’t carry me high enough and my back scraped the road. I didn’t tell anyone, and I just let the wound heal by itself. Now I have a big black patch of scar on my back. I’m not really bothered by it since clothes hide it, but if there’s a chance to make an old scar better. Why not?  The second scar was due to a small incision to remove the oil cyst from my right shoulder. Although I did apply anti-scar cream on it, it still left me with an uneven scar.

–        Sharon Isabella Lee

I had a small accident 10 years ago in India during my school holidays. We planned to go to a temple and took an auto rickshaw. The ride was very normal until half way, a bike suddenly crossed from a wrong direction. Everything happened so fast. I was sitting in the corner of the rickshaw, so I was scratched badly during the accident. Thankfully, nobody else got injured other than me and the driver. I still remember wearing a new green dress and new sandals that day. My dress was torn, and I lost my other sandal. My left hand was bleeding. Luckily, there was a hospital at the opposite road where I was taken immediately. The doctor examined my wounds and asked me if I wanted to have stitches done on my left hand. I refused out of fear. I also had a big scratch on my ankle and it was bleeding. It took around two months for me get fully recovered. My happy holidays ended very sadly. Even though many years had passed, the scar remains visible. I regretted not allowing the doctor to have stitches done on my hand. Until now, when travelling in an auto rickshaw, I always ask the driver to go slowly. The incident has left me a great scar, both inside and outside.

–         Sindhu Mano

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