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“What’s your foolproof way to prevent deep vein thrombosis?”

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As I often have to wear high heels for my job, I make sure that I prop my leg with a bolster every night to ensure blood circulation. I also do regular massage on my legs to prevent deep veins from forming. I believe it is also important to walk around after being desk bound for a period of time. Short toilet breaks or walking to the pantry to get a drink often do the trick.

– Tina Loh

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot that commonly forms in the deep veins of the legs, but it can also occur in the veins of the upper extremities. To lower my risk and help prevent DVT, I undertake these foolproof precautionary steps: 1) I maintain an active lifestyle and exercise regularly – daily, if possible. Walking, swimming, and cycling are all great activities. 2) I manage my weight with exercise as well as by eating a healthy diet. 3) I do not smoke. 4) I have my blood pressure checked regularly, and I take steps to lower it, if necessary. 5) I report any family or personal history of blood-clotting problems to my doctor. 6) I discuss alternatives to birth control pills or hormone-replacement therapy with my doctor. 7) If I am on an airplane for more than four hours, I either walk or do leg stretches in my seat and stay well-hydrated and avoid alcohol consumption. 8) In my current pregnancy, I ask my doctor what I can do to help prevent DVT.

– Ms Flora Khoo

There is no one foolproof way to prevent DVT, but I never get deep vein thrombosis because there are tips and habits that can help to prevent it. For me, if I need to spend a lot of time sitting down, e.g. in office, I would make sure I raise my legs, rotate my toes and move my feet backward and forward as much as possible, at least once every hour. I always sit up straight with both feet on the ground and avoid crossing legs or slouching. Also, it is important to drink water and keep hydrated wherever I am. It is also important to dress comfortably and not to wear short, tight socks. I prefer to take off my shoes and socks in office or on the plane when sitting down. For diets, I avoid excess alcohol and salt intake. When flying, particularly if the flight is more than four hours, I believe it is important to walk around as much as possible, e.g. to go to the toilets and stand up from the seat and stretch from time to time. I may also put on compression stockings which can help to improve blood circulation and massage tired achy legs. Lastly, I read that some private clinics provide a technique called Endovenous Laser Ablation Therapy under local anaesthesia that can get rid of varicose veins without open surgery.

– Lee Min-min Angelina

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