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What’s your healthy New Year’s Resolution?

The 3 best answers will each receive a set of Dr Joe Slimax and Dr Joe Xantrim worth $128.

photo[1]Dr Joe Slimming series contains two products – Dr Joe Slimax and Dr Joe Xantrim. Specially formulated by Dr Joe and his research team in the US, both products are made of 100% natural herbal extracts, and can help to reduce body fats, lower cholesterol levels, and increase metabolism. On top of all those functions, these products protect consumers’ livers as well.  Dr Joe Slimax contains Irvingia Gabonensis, an herb that has been proven successfully to increase the burning of fat and promote weight loss. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels and maintain blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Dr Joe Xantrim stimulates the production of UCP1, a protein that increases the burning of fat and promotes weight loss.

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Top 3 Winners

This year, I need to plan a healthy weight gain for my daughter. She needs to gain about 5kg to reach her healthy BMI, and I need to do it the healthy way. First, I will prepare more healthy calorie-dense food, for example replace carrot with corn or sweet potatoes. For cooking, I will switch normal cooking oil with olive oil to add calories healthily. Last but not least, I will let her snack on cheese and replace water for fruit juices during her meal time. Hopefully, she will be able to gain some weight and grow up healthy and happy. -– Kelly Chioh

Just like any other men, I hope to get fitter, to aim for weight loss in the stomach area and muscular definition in the biceps, chest, and abdominals. To achieve this, I will participate in a balanced exercise programmes that involve strength training for major muscle groups. To lose weight, I will stick to a well-balanced diet, with emphasis on whole grains, fruits and vegetables which have also been shown to prevent cancer and lower risk of heart disease. I will also make an appointment with my doctor for a check-up, vaccination, or screening, as well as visit my dentist regularly. Last but not least, I will wear a broad spectrum sunscreen as the sun’s rays can make wrinkles appear before their time. -– Edwin Khoo

It’s my health boost to reconnect with friends and family to rejuvenate our relationship, hence I will try to stay in touch to strengthen social bonds in this technology-fixated era. I will travel more, as it allows us to tap into life as an adventure and make us feel rejuvenated and replenished. I will take stock of what I have in the fridge and make a grocery list, hence save money. I plan to lose weight by exercising regularly and diet in moderation – select colourful fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates and whole grains, which are rich in antioxidants.   -– Jennifer Tham Pui Fung

Email: Winning letters will be published in the following month. All letters to reach us by 20 February 2013. Please include your full name, IC number, contact number and address. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.
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